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No Cure for Fibro
An_241807 posted:
Hi there My Wonderful Friends: Its been a while since I have written abt. anything on this site so my name may not be familiar. I have had Fibro for approx. As with so many others' saying it wont' go away, I'm with you 100%. Yes pain meds', a little exercise. Oh that works' for maybe 1hr. in a day. I also have problems with my back (considering surgery,but terrified). Isn't it embarrassing when you try and go shopping in a store, or bend down and try and get up hanging onto whatever I can for help. People look at you like, your young(er) what is your problem. My legs (especially the right one and right side at top of hip) regardless of standing/sitting are so painful trying to get around. What are you supposed to do, put a sign on our front/back stating I Suffer from Fibro so people just might understand which I feel is still unlikely. For the most prt. you cant' get housework done, or if you do where are you most likely to go after, let me guess BED!! This disease is so depressing at times. Maybe in time they may find a cure however its' not going to be in my lifetime. I also have Psoriasis which I take a needle twice monthly. This is supposed to help, okay...who,how did they come to this conclusion? It certainly hasn't helped me. I've been on Humira for with no improvement. My psoriasis yes, Fibro "NO". I am on a strong pain med however it is a slow release, by the time it kicks in your ready to take another but you cant'. Then your overdoing it. I have a pad with a vibrater, heat etc. that plugs in. This helps to a degree, lets say 5%. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you with this dilibating disease, you ask your Physician for help and he/she looks at you the same as those on the streets at times. Then they say well we cant' increase your dose of pain meds' (yes you can) but wont'. I'm not one to complain a whole lot, what for. It falls on deaf ears'. Even when the house is falling apart do you think someone would get up and help "NO". Hubby helps as much as he can but he as well has had back surgery and I can see the pain on his face, something I dont' like. I am not one to wish harm on anyone however at times when these people are just staring at you I cant' say I dont' think abt. saying to them, Damn you should try this on for size. It takes over your whole body most days' and on the worst days' you feel as though you have another body attached as well. So people if someone says "oh you will get better" or "you have to think positive" nothing makes my blood boil more.Today is one of those days' that I would just like to crawl in bed and pretend I'm by myself and don't have to worry about anyone else in the house. Like thats' going to happen. Have a rainbow day all of you sufferers' I can honestly say I'm in the same line up as you. Take care and only do what your body allows
xperky responded:
Yes, it sounds like you are part of the group, unfortunately. One thing I'm learning is that normal, healthy people are usually so busy and self-absorbed, they can't or don't want to acknowledge suffering going on around them. That sounds bitter, doesn't it? Oops. Anyway, I try not to focus on what other people think about my abilities. I know I do my best. That pile of leaves on my driveway will get moved to the back woods during the warm spells of the winter, a little at a time. No way I can do the whole yard every week like I used to.

Since you have psoriasis, do you see a rheumatologist? The pain accompanying the rash could indicate psoriatic arthritis. I imagine the Humira would be treating that though. I have RA along with FM, and the two are quite disabling for me lately.

Today was one of those days for me too. Took my methotrexate last night and feel awful today. It hurts to put lotion on my hands! So I listened to my body today, as you said, and I got rested and better during the day.

Take care.
With Compassion,

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