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    Tuesday *****1/8/2013*****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...and it is too darn early for anyone to be up this time of the furbabies woke me up and needed to go out...they are good some of the time and not so good at other times...I did sleep ok but I am extremely tired this morning...My DH is still sick and I cringe at the thought of me getting what he has...I have been lucky so far and have avoided this illness...but I am not quite sure just how this has happened....using Lysol perhaps has helped some and I am washing my hands a lot as well.

    We are having very strange and weird weather is going to be almost like springtime weather for the next few days...I love it but I just hope this does not cause more people to get sick...not exactly good for people with temps varying so much.

    I am looking forward again to springtime though....when it is warmer weather....the cold and damp weather is so much harder on at least we have something to look forward to.

    Alec will soon have a birthday. He was a preemie baby and he is still a very small little boy. At one time when he was a toddler I thought for sure he was going to be a tall person since he was growing so fast...but then he just stopped growing and he is small...he is also a picky eater as well. The little ones grow up so very fast.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. Be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* will find them to the right of this page or to the left has well.

    Vitamin D....again my favorite topic here....especially since I want to try to reach ALL new to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain. It can also affect other illnesses as well. Do your own research about Vitamin is really an interesting thing to read about and just how much it might affect our daily lives.

    I hope everyone will have a good day with lots of sunshine.

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    I am flaring and tired this morning---it's been a busy week so far! I took on full responsibility for the cooking last week and have done 95% of it. Husband, bless his heart, thinks I'm doing it just for him; but he doesn't realize my ulterior motive is to get us both healthier, and this is the only way I can do it. He is eating what I cook without a whimper, lol. This means he will lose weight also, without even realizing I'm changing his diet.

    I am changing our food staples a little bit at a time. Every time I get a couple of dollars in my pocket, I go to the store and buy one or two healthier items, like vegetarian pasta or a gluten-free bread mix. I am eyeing the bulk grains and beans too, because they are only $1.59 to $3.99 a pound. I can get a lot of mileage out of a pound of grains, especially if I throw some into a soup.

    My next purchase is a head of cauliflower---I just found a recipe for cauliflower crust pizza. Yep---the crust is made of cauliflower. I plan to make that up, then put some ham, shredded cheese and pineapple on top. Husband will be so happy to see pizza that he won't even realize it's healthy. He will think I'm letting him get away with murder, lol. That's exactly what I want him to think. He does much better on a diet when he doesn't realize he's eating healthy food.

    Now if I could just find the energy to get moving! I was on the go all day yesterday. I went to mom's to do the laundry and I was there for over 7 hours, because her dryer only works when it wants to. I got there at 9 and didn't leave until after 4; then I stopped at the store on the way home. I walked in the door at 5, made dinner for both of us, then turned around and went right back out again for my Women's Fellowship Meeting. The meeting ran late---when I finally got home at 10:15, I went straight to bed. This morning I don't want to move at all.

    But I need to run to the store---I took mom on an errand yesterday and she gave me $10 for gas. I want to get a pound of hamburger, a box of vegetarian pasta, (hopefully) that head of cauliflower, and a green pepper. Then I can do two meals. I found a good recipe for healthy mini meatballs and I want to make those for dinner, add some peppers for Husband's plate, and put them on top of the pasta. If I put enough tomato sauce on his food, he won't realize it's vegetarian pasta. I will cook the meatballs in olive oil but he won't know that either. He will only see that I'm feeding him pasta, which he's not supposed to eat.

    Time to get moving, if I can...ugh. Maybe I'll start that Tuscan soup mix I found on sale last week so I don't have to knock myself out over lunch. Hope everyone has a good day!
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Tuesday MiMi, angeleswife and to all those who will follow. My post will be short as I have to head out the door in just a bit. But I wanted to say Hello to everyone and wish them a good day. I hope your day will not include fibro issues or pain.

    It's going to be spring like here for the next few days as well MiMi, I guess because my state is next door to yours. I too am looking forward to the spring like temps. I will be taking the plants out of the garage today and leaving them out until next Saturday. Then the days and nights will start cooling off again.
    But no matter I will enjoy the spring like temps while we have them.

    angleswife, I applaude your way of getting your DH to eat healty. Eating healthy is always the best way to go. I know we're doing the same thing here now. DH is watching what he eats and is helping me shop smarter for him at the market. He has started eating a Weightwatchers breakfast each morning and says their really good. Am hoping he will start getting used to smaller portions with each meal now by eating them. Since I have IBS I am watching what I eat as well and am trying my best to keep wheat products out of my diet. Hard as can be with store bought pre made foods tho.

    My day will be busy as I have senior's lunch to help with over at the church and I need to get ready to go. So I guess I will close this off here, not a lot to talk about, so here's well wishes for everyone today.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    fibroinsd responded:
    Is it Tuesday??? seems hard to keep track right now...My DH and I spent the night at my parents house. Dad is having trouble..more tremors and falling down. and low blood pressure..The pharmacy changed the a different manufacturer..and they swear it is the same is not..Dad is not doing well on this pill...and they won't give us different ones..Since dad gets up at night, someone needed to be there in case he and dad went to bed and we did not hear a peep...We had to leave at 8:30 and they were not awake yet..The caregiver was to get there at 9 am ..and make calls to the doctor..looks like it will be a long day...

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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