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And Yet another bad day!
franr posted:
Hello fibro folks
Well another bad night and in much pain and nausea today of course this decreases my appeite again,I went on a web sight and found that fibro does cause nausea ,vomiting, loss of appetite and stomack cramps.I also reead Dr Starylands book and she said it also causes these symptoms.Has anyone experiences any of these symptoms. I know with lack of sleep this can bring on many phsical symptoms. I think of all of you at night and pray that we can find a cure. You guys have been so good too listen to my problems.
rudyandirmouse responded:
FranR, Linda R here and I wanted to let you know that you are NOT ALONE with the pain and symptoms you are having. I have had the fibro DX for well ove 30 years ( got it while in college ) and the most famous untrue words ever spoken to me were these " The symptoms you are having now are as bad as it ever will get. " File that under Oh Yeah, sure. Back then I didn't have IBS or stomach problems, I got them over time. I have tried many things and find the things MiMi suggested work the best for me.

MiMi's advice to you is so good. Ginger ale, ginger in tea and probotics are the way to help you manage your fibro stomach issues. You may also want to have your PCP check to see if your symptoms are IBS related. Those of us with fibro have IBS and are subject to stomach problems caused by that as well.

Please keep up posted on how the ginger works for you.
Gentle hugs, Linda R.

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