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And Yet another bad day!
franr posted:
Hello fibro folks
Well another bad night and in much pain and nausea today of course this decreases my appeite again,I went on a web sight and found that fibro does cause nausea ,vomiting, loss of appetite and stomack cramps.I also reead Dr Starylands book and she said it also causes these symptoms.Has anyone experiences any of these symptoms. I know with lack of sleep this can bring on many phsical symptoms. I think of all of you at night and pray that we can find a cure. You guys have been so good too listen to my problems.
dollbug responded:
Hello Fran....sorry that you are going through so much right now....MiMi in NC...and yes...I have experienced the pain and being sick to my should try to keep some ginger ale on hand so when it does hit you, you can get the upper hand on it....eating saltine crackers also helps me...I did not realize that pain can cause the nausea and vomiting as well....I had this when I had bad lower back pain. I thought I had kidney stones....(which I do) but the doctor said he did not think the stones were causing my problems. I was not hungry at all.

I have learned that taking a probiotic every day helps me with my IBS and stomach issues....they promote interestinal health...

And yes, lack of or not enough sleep can also promote more issues with me as seems as if it is a vicious cycle which never completely ends.

I hope that you will feel better soon. Perhaps eat some jello and go easy on what you put in your stomach until you feel better.

Take care and good luck.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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