I have missed everyone.
debrabrooks1960 posted:
Hello everyone,

I have not been on in awhile. Christmas Eve my younger brother collapsed in his home. He laid on the floor for 24 hours before he was found. He had a stroke and a heart attack. He has been in ICU since Christmas day. We have been going back and forth to Tampa Florida (6 hours from our home). My brother has been on life support. The doctors wanted us to unplug him so he could die. We just could not unplug him. He is only 47 years old. Thank God we did not. In the last week he has woken up, can use his left hand to tell us what he needs. Today he was taken off the breathing machine for 4 hours! Little by little he is getting better. He is even watching television. We are going back to Tampa tomorrow to see him again. He is being transferred to a long term facility for rehab.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I have missed the chat room. Please take care and if it is not too much trouble could you please say a prayer for my brother. His name is Gene.

Soft hugs to all,
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