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    TGIF****ROLL CALL ****1/11/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF.....another week gone in 2013...MiMi in NC...and it is going to be cooler today in the 50*s but then the next 4 days the temps will be springlike....high 60 and 70*s....

    Can you believe just how fast this month is passing? We are getting closer to springtime though and I am looking forward to it....they do say though that the weather that we are having will bring a lot of insects this has not been cold enough to kill them. So I guess we can just hope there are plenty of birds to eat them all.

    I kept Noah last night for a while....his daddy kept him in the morning and I went up for a while last night. He was good until it was bedtime and then he wanted his daddy, who had gone to work. It took him a while but he finally accepted that he had to go to sleep. It is funny to hear children's excuses for things.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group recently. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. It does take a trial and error process to figure out just the right combination of *tools and tips* that might work for the body, so hang in there and I am sure things will get better soon.

    Vitamin sure and ask the doctor to check your Vitamin D level which is important to a lot of people these days.

    I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday and a therapist talking about back pain and ultrsound treatments and just how much they helped a person with back pain. They also showed exercises for the back with a bumpy ball used right under the back. And Tiger Balm patches. I have not tried any of these...but I have found that the heating pad does wonders for me. According to Dr. Oz there are a lot of people who endure back pain as they age. Has anyone tried any of this ideas before? is hoping each of you will have a good Friday.

    Remember to hug your children and grand children today.



    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    I seem to be perpetually tired these days; but I've been a lot busier doing the cooking and shopping (also the laundry). It's funny how Husband thinks I'm doing the cooking just to spoil him. He's so happy to be out of the kitchen that he has no idea how healthy he's actually been eating. He just comes home, flops in front of the TV and waits for me to feed him. He's not even interested in choices---he says, "Make whatever you like." Believe me, I do!

    But he's starting to lose weight again, which is good. He can't figure out how, since I seem to be feeding him all the "forbidden" foods, lol. He's eaten pasta (vegetarian and gluten-free); crockpot beef stew, sweet potato casserole and 16-bean chili, to name a few. He has no idea that these are actually healthy recipes---I'm making them for myself to lose weight, but he's getting healthier by default. That is fine with me. He does fine on a diet if he doesn't realize he's on one.

    Tonight he'll get Hawaiian pizza (the crust is made of cauliflower!). It's a good day to make that up because he won't be home between bus runs and he won't see me making it. I have to run the cauliflower through the blender, mix it with cheese and eggs, and bake it in the oven. Then I can add the toppings. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

    We had a flaming red sunrise this morning---rain is coming in later today. My ankle and foot, true to form, are broadcasting the news quite loudly. I am hoping they will settle back down once the weather starts warming up again. As soon as winter hit, they let me know they weren't pleased about it.

    The cat has been glued to the kitchen window, watching the squirrels. We have a new batch of young ones, amazingly, from the grays that moved into the roof, and they chase each other all over the deck. They will come right up to the window and try to climb the glass, and the cat goes crazy. She tried to pounce on one this morning and she smashed right into the window. It didn't deter her one bit, lol. She's determined to catch one.

    Time to make breakfast---I may do a little housecleaning while I've got the energy. Hope everyone has a good day!
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good 2ND Friday of Jaunuary. Gosh only 2 Friday's left in the month and then it's February. All smiles over that thought. I can't help rushing the time to spring and so I can say Good Bye to winter fibro pain and all of ' IT's issues.

    As for weather and warmth and sunshine, it's gonna be warm here today and sunny too after the last of the rain passes thru. ( I love using short cut words like thru for through and tho for though.) Should be in the 70's, so the news says, and bright spring like sunny skies. Yippee. I had thought about getting a day trip in with DH today and head down to Memphis. He didn't like the idea as much as I did however.

    Reason I thought about a day trip DH is home today, tomorrow and Sunday. Always nice to have a long weekend with him. But he has things he wants to do around the house. So I am going to get all my errands done today. He's going fishing in the a.m. tomorrow so that sorta takes the shine off what we can do, as he gets home mid day and then spends hours cleaning, cooking and eating part of his catch.

    Part of my today will be get my nails done and look for a thinner wallet for my new ' birthday ' purse. I have a nice larger wallet that holds everything, but it doesn't translate well to a smaller purse like this new one is. So made up my mind to spend time looking for one since I'm not going on a day trip. I hope DH wants to travel around with me today but am thinking he may pass. He didn't look so happy yesterday while out shopping. Could be cause I picked up my 4 year old grandson and headed to the OpryMills mall in Nashville. I spent time looking for a new purse and taking GS to ' his ' stores: cookie, candy and play center. Loved every minute, DH looked completely bored until we hit the food court.

    Not alot to say so I guess I'll close this post off here. I hope everyone is feeling well today and is not dealing with a lot of fibro issues or pain. I hope that where ever you are that your today is wonderful and that you have warm temps and lots of sunshine to enjoy.

    Gentle hugs to all, Linda R
    booch007 replied to angelswife's response:
    Morning girls....I took the day off* slept late and just got here now! Good stuff when I can plan to sleep later and I DO!

    The boxes are down from the attic and the progression in reverse to have the magic disappear will start.

    I just promised my husband that I wouldn't do it in ONE day as in past. Just the empty boxes with my son bothered me.

    I am really having trouble with assistance this year, I reminded them I DID THIS for 20 years by MYSELF....the house just changed...and I cleaned up and put it all away! DS#2 says...well magic would be that these boxes get upstairs by themselves.........! HA!

    Sharon I am sorry your foot is your barometer happens to so many.....need to make the big toe red* so it looks like a thermometer!! (humor here) is true the kids say the damndest things.....I just have to be super Nana and have tricks up my sleeve to win* as best I can.

    Today is just like Sharon (as we live near eachother) I am planning a BarB Q for Sunday and planning NOT to be IN THE HOUSE for the good weather to come........Even my DH is in on it now..told me he ordered the meat for the grill...we are a bit hungry for spring already. We can all use an uplift here.

    Yesterday was a bit of bad news day. My SIL again got such bad news. Remember that her Father was stabbed in Corpus Christi and killed just before Christmas...he was the caregiver for the wife with Parkinsons and the retarded daughter....

    Well the sister with the challenges DIED yesterday! Do you believe it! I can't imagne the Mother's pain! Someone at work (and so something I would have said but was incapable of at the time) She said, " The Father realised he couldn't leave her behind and needed her with him" He came and got her....

    The doc's are thinking she had a clot ...I just said, a blessing in how fast it was for her. OMG, I always have my eyes opened when things like this happen to people.....Life is so precious.

    Tom's new dog got into antifreeze with the FIL walking he was a mess last night...the other son had TWO girls who got SHOTS.....YIKES. So rumblings all around me.

    We had a good night, my favorite show "person of Interest"
    (Sharon sounds like pinterest in short right?) Ha!

    A warm blanket over me and I was O U T !! Good stuff when you can get it.

    OK, now for good music and trying to find the house....this is when I get nervous as it looks like a hoarders home...with plastic boxes everywhere...

    Hope today is a good day for you and something gently walks into your life and your open to see it. Treasure each thing that happens. Don't let our pain consume the day...push it aside, use all the tools in the toolbox to help you. At times I have to repeat the process again to win a bit. BUT it can be done.

    I say it all the time though, distraction is a great med !!!!

    Hugs, Nancy B
    rudyandirmouse replied to angelswife's response:
    @ angleswife, I love the stories about the squirrels. How's the disabled one getting thru the winter? I think of her often. The little ones aren't bothering her I hope.

    Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.. no storms coming your way I hope. But I bet the red sky was beautiful! It's raining here, off and on but will stop soon and give way to blue, sunny skies with 70 degree temps. Yippee.

    Sorry your so tired, but am glad you are out and about, what a wonderful change for you!!

    Your meals sound wonderful! Keep it up!!!

    Gentle hugs to you, Linda R
    katmandulou responded:
    Hi - TG This Week Is Over!

    It's warmish here, going into the 50s for the next few days. I'm hoping I can get out and get some Vitamin D!

    I planned the time and did a yoga class Wed night. It's a slow and steady class designed for people coming back to a practice or recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. There were two "newbies" and three of us recovering from injury. Next week will be telling, as I can't make the Wed class, so I'll jump right into a 'regular' class on Thurs and hope for the best!

    Mimi, I know having Noah gives you joy, even with the excuses. The little ones are funny, aren't they? My great-nephew loves football (he'll be 2 at the end of Jan), and he 'spiked' my SIL's cell phone - destroying it! He spikes almost everything, and I told her she needs a good case. ROFL!

    Angelswife, still wishing good recovery for you. The "diet" program sounds good. You can actually eat whatever you want while trying to lose weight - just not as much of it! I'm down 35lbs, DH has lost 85lbs, and we're still wath=ching what we eat. I lost track between the hospital stay and New Year's Day, but I'm back to it now.

    Linda, I love the shortcuts too. I txted a friend yesterday, he came back with a witty reply, and I replied "ROFL". He asked what that meant. ROFL! And he has teenaged daughters. I also hope you get a day trip in this weekend. I usually plan a destination that ends with ice cream, but that's me. (A kiddie cone can be quite satisfying!)

    Nancy, you've inspired me, and I think I'll try to get all the Christmas stuff put away. We didn't bring out much, DH was thrilled that my hospital visit was over and he didn't actually finish his shopping til Dec 23. What we had was fine by me, but there are still gifts under the little wooden tree. Slow and steady, pace myself, right?

    Wishing you all the best Friday - and the best weekend - you can possibly have!
    angelswife replied to booch007's response:
    Ha---trying to reply to all three of you here! I pooped on for a minute before I start grinding up the cauliflower.

    Nancy---unfortunately I hear you on the rumblings---we've had some of those too. A good friend has been in the hospital since Monday night (she got the flu; it went into a bad strep infection; and her back seized up and she couldn't walk); and Husband's stepfather died suddenly two days ago. We will probably not go to the service, as it's out of state. Husband always had a rocky relationship with his stepdad, so he has mixed feelings about his passing.

    Linda---unfortunately, I haven't seen the disabled one for several days now. She could no longer hear and only saw shadows, so she couldn't tell my shadow from an enemy and she would run away. She also no longer reacted when I threw a peanut to her. I am afraid I may have lost her; but I'm not giving up hope yet. I try to put peanuts out where she's been feeding and hope nothing else eats them first.

    Lou---my goal is to lose a pound a week; but my deeper goal is to get so healthy that my weight doesn't matter. I want to lose the weight without feeling like I'm on a diet, and that's why I'm making the meals from scratch. I use healthy substitutions (like barley instead of brown rice in my 16-bean chili) and I sweeten things with Stevia. That's a great natural sweetener and a little goes a long way.
    angelswife replied to angelswife's response:
  • POPPED* on---oh dear. I really should proofread better before I post!
    katmandulou replied to angelswife's response:
    A pound a week is good, you're actually more likely to keep it off. I lost 35lbs from Feb to Dec 2012. A little slower than a pound a week, but I plateaued in August and early Sept, couldn't lose an ounce! You get so used to eating better, not feeling stuffed, and it gets easier. The worst part will be buying new clothes!
    foreversore responded:
    We are having a beautiful spring like day here in central Illinois, too bad it isn't going to last long. Later today we are supposed to start getting rain that will turn into sleet and freezing rain which will turn into snow with 2 inches of accumulation by tomorrow night. I am always amazed at how quickly the weather can turn completely around. I woke up with a nasty headache and I am super stiff today. I think it has to do with the weather systems that are slowly moving in.

    I will be getting dressed shortly and go to the store to get milk and a few other things we are low on before the weather starts. They have already put out a warning for tomorrow afternoon/evening to not go anywhere if you don't have to as the roads will be bad. It's so funny that today we will cook outside on the grill and tomorrow we will be hunkered down with a nice pot of homemade chicken soup.

    Hope everyone has a good rest of the day. May you accomplish all that you hope to do without causing a nasty flare.

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