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Congestion and headache?
crystalgreeneyes posted:
Does anyone experience a lot of congestion especially in the morning? I have noticed this happening frequently of late. I do suffer from migraines and I was taking my (very expensive) meds for that until I realized it seemed to be more of a sinus related episode so I tried ibuprophen for cold an sinus relief instead and this was effective. However, this is occurring every morning and I hate taking it every day. It wears off as the day goes on. I have not changed the 5mg sleeping med I am taking. It is not Ambien but I imagine it is something similar to that (I am not in the US) Yesterday, I noted something on the news about patients taking Ambien and that they should keep their dosage to 10mg per day because it's lingering effects in the body the next day can cause impaired reaction times. I know a lot of people with fibro have said here that every symptom they have is attributed to the condition and is consequently not investigated for this reason. I have stomach problems as well and I haven't even bothered discussing that with my dr. Stress and anxiety will increase pain levels and cause stomach irritabiltiy.
Best wishes to everyone.
Anon_2912 responded:
I take 10mg of ambien, however, it does not affect me in anyway during the day. I am able to sleep 2-4 hrs everynight. I took it last night at 10:30 pm went to bed and was up at 12:47am....

I still work 8-5pm without any issues using ambien, BUT I do have to say I have been on ambien for about 10yrs. I do have to take a maxium strenght sominex with it to work.

I do get a lot of sinus pressure, but mine is due to the weather as of late...
booch007 responded:
Good morning ,

I don't know where you live but at this time of year the lack of humidity in the air makes the body increase it's mucus production especially during the night when we nose breathe as apposed to mouth breathe......

Getting a good humidifier in your room may help this. I was dying recently and vowed to set it up...much better now. Mouth and nose was cracked and ohhhh just a mess.

The other thought I had was if the congestion starts the moment you lay down that is vascualar in nature...all the vessel beds back up and thicken the tissues with congestion...the meds you take are vasoconstrictive to help. Raising your head so you don't have as much backup may help that. At times the recliner is where you will find me if that is the thing I sense.

I got myself addicted to afrin when I was young (a nasal spray) it was a very bad thing in my nasal passages will never be the same. Also try those strips that open the passageway from the top and shift the nansal passgae away from the walls that are thickened...

Good luck I hope something helps you.......NancyB
Ladyteguesian responded:
I suffer EVERY morning with nasal congestion.. I don't take Ambien, but instead take a homeopathic sleep aid. I live in a not so great area, we have a lot of dust, and it's at a fairly high altitude. I feel better for some reason over on the coast, and have plans at some point to move there. You might see if perhaps you are in the same situation I am in as far as area.. BTW... I can't take ANY OTC cold and sinus meds as they cause my heart to race.

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