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dawncostella posted:
Does anyone have high blood pressure and a fast heart rate? I just got diagnosed with both and I am trying to figure out if FM has anything to do with it.
booch007 responded:

What meds are you on? This can very well be med induced.

High B/P can always increase heart rate as it is a load for the heart to push against (called after load) and it will then work harder and increase it's rate to survive.

As with low pressure and a low heart rate....easy peezy work load so it can rest.

True hypertension often needs a mix of meds to fix and it is a trial and error period. Salt load is so imprtant on your part and Chinese food is forbidden...(thats salt can do you in!) that is why it tastes so good! C R A P ! I used to love chinese food .

Good luck during this tune up but check tohe meds you take for playing a role in this, the rest may be diet or genetic.

Nancy B
dawncostella replied to booch007's response:
Thanks for the info Nancy. I am on Gabapentin, Effexor, and Flexiril. I have been on these for a while though and the BP and heart rate thing just started.

They have me on Lopressor and a water pill for the BP and heart rate. I am not sure they are working.


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