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More then I can handle
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
am overly sad... not depressed... just sad... Not ready to deal with not hearing the laughture of my children and grandchildren... not hearing my favorite song... not hearing the birds sing and crickets sing out in the evening... and so much more... yet there is already so much I am missing already...
It is so hard to have to deal with this with no one on my side to at least try to help... I have multiple problems... MS... FM... Diabetes... DDD... Parkinson's Disease... and I could go on... lol... but my hand are giving out lol...

Back to being serious... one or a combo of all that or just the good bump on my head I took falling down... or the beating I took... Now I have" sensorineurial hearing loss"... I have already lost 70% of my hearing and my insurance doesn't cover the $1,800. hearing aid... And even with the hearing aid I am going deaf... I could hear a year ago just fine... now this... Dr said to go learn signing...

I just have all this junk in my head... I need to rest but keep waking up lol... I fell down and hit my head again... oh how fun... I am so over tired... I have no one really to talk to... I guess there is a Hearing Loss Association close by maybe...I am going to email the coordinator when I figure out what to say... hope today...

Well... My head is too heavy for my neck again... My neck is screaming in pain ad it needs to lie down... My neck gets like this I get optical migraines which are real nasty... So off to bed with a painkiller and a prayer...

Didn't last long... I m back... and having a heck of a time sending this... Will try one more time then will save it to a program and reboot... Maybe I am just glitching... Puter might as well glitch... my life is....
I have been in touch with a hearing loss association america and have a meeting II may attend on the 24th,,, would b nice to if the dragon lets me... been in a flare over a month...

thanks for being here...

take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
booch007 responded:
Dakota, Sometimes we just need a ahug...


So much to deal with, I am so sorry.

Nancy B
angelswife responded:
Oh Jan---what has happened? I hadn't seen you for a while and I was worried. I wish I lived closer. All I can do is hold you from a distance and it doesn't feel like enough. Sending you the biggest, softest ((((HUGSHUGSHUGSHUGS)))) I have. Wrap up in your shawl if you can and let them sink in. XOXO
dollbug responded:
Hello Jan....sorry that you are dealing with so much right now....I hope things will get better soon. We, FMers, have enough to deal with without other health issues.

Try to rest as much as you can. Take one day at a time.
Remember that this too will pass and things will get better.

Remember also to pace when you get up and about.

Take care.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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