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MorganS106 posted:
Hello, I'm Morgan and this is my first time on here and I was jus curious as to how old some of you were when you started to have symptoms of fibronyalgia. I am only 20 and I was diagnosed a few weeks before I graduated high school a few years ago. It took about four years for a doctor to actually pin point what was going on with me, because I had been in pain and suffered from chronic migraines since around the age of 15. I was definiately surprised to find out that I have fibromyalgia, but it all really does make sense now. I haven't heard of anyone near my age suffering from this though, so I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there who is younger or has had experience with this condition at a young age? I just can't seem to adjust to all that goes on in my body yet, so I thought someone may be able to help me out. Thanks so much!
booch007 responded:
Good morning Morgan,

I would say we are all ages from yours to 70's...

This bugger doesn't descriminate to chose rich or poor, young or old.....maybe female over male though.

I am 58 1/2 (I said that 1/2 because I read a note talking about olny youth talks in halves until you reach 100 and then you are clinging to the halves! )

I am sorry you are here but glad you found this board there is alot of help on it. The right panel has so much information and Dr P has past discussions that he was so great to share with all of us.

Good luck on the path to better....I thinkit is always worse until diagnosed and you educate yourself and get moving forward!
Take Care, Nancy B
MorganS106 replied to booch007's response:
Thank you so much Nancy!