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First time in 3 years with this severe of fatigue
Jenkay72 posted:
Thank you all for your posts. I have never, ever felt fatigue like this before ever since I was diagnosed in 2009. I can't keep my eyes open. I am trying to do things to keep me awake (like going on forums) but I end up waking up with my hands on the keys and my head to my chest. I didn't know having to sleep like this was possible. It is scary. I recently moved to Los Angeles (I lived there for 10 years a while back). the weather is great on my joints and things were going well then BOOM today struck. I feel like I have narcolepsy. Plus I just started my final class for my masters degree this week and now I am behind. I can't stay awake long enough to read my research papers. Again, so happy to have groups like this to show me I am not going crazy! My prayers and blessing to you all!

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