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booch007 posted:

Why is it as we age and with this condition we are truly head is like glass this morning, the storm is over head and the snow is falling......

OY, what a day this is going to be. I took an extra savella to get me INTO the day...when I get to work I will have to add motrin if it isn't better. I can't think*....

OK, it will be a slow day. I am hopeful to push through this pain, man it is a tough start. I can say 90+ would be a better place then this right now .

I hope your day starts bettter than mine. CRIPES I really hate this dragon. (No I didn't bring this on me....I was a good girl yesterday)

Hugs to all, Nancy B
angelswife responded:
Hang in there, Nancy---I am right there with you! Every time I try to walk any distance this morning, I get sharp knives through my anklebones and my leg buckles. Darned nerves...My poor toes are so stiff and tingly I can barely bend them! Definitely not liking this weather. Sending some rather stiff ((HUGS)) your way and hoping your day perks up.
dakotaspirit1957 replied to angelswife's response:
I know how you feel.. It is unusually cold in AZ... Been freezing for days now... and my body is rebellious... lol... I think it just chooses to shut down...

I do think that if it going to get this cold it should at least snow... Nothing is more beautiful then a soft slow snow fall... And it is cold enough to snow... It just doesn't snow..

Altho people around here probably would go into shell shock and not know what to do... I definitely wouldn't want to be out there driving lol... You should see them drive in the rain lol... It is scary... lol...

Well... off to rest... Said that the last message lol... And here I still am lol... I am just about asleep at the keyboard... Almost on top of it... lol... And my jerkiness is horrendous... o Take care All... Love... Jan/Dakota

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