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TGIF*****1/18/2013 ****SNOW, SNOW and MORE SNOW****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily....well, they said we were going to get snow and even though the temps were not exactly snow changed fast and dumped lots of snow around....MiMi in NC...and the thunder and lightning snow came through...never heard of this before...interesting as it came through dumped the snow and left a big mess and has now moved on...lows of power outages throughout power went off several times last night and came back on.

It was enough snow to make a really BIG mess on the streets...and now produce *black ice* this then caused lots of accidents this morning...they are telling people to stay inside unless you just have to get out in it. is FRIDAY today....and I have a really bad cold...sore throat and cough...I am trying to doctor myself and get better. DH is finally feeling better...he did go to the doctor to get an x-ray but nothing showed up. I had hoped to do some errands today but what I have to do will just have to wait, as I have no intention of geting out in this mess.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group recently....I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. Just continue to learn all you can about the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...I think the more you know the better you can cope...learning how to accept *it* is probably the next step after you have been told that you have been blessed/or cursed with *it*. Be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources*....where you can find some good *tools* that just might make a difference. You should also remember though that what works for some may or may not work for you. Only you will know when you have found what works for you.

Vitamin sure and speak to your doctor about gettting your Vitamin D level checked...which is important to a lot of people these days. It is just a simple blood test...but you must ASK the doctor to run it is not included in the normal bloodwork yet...and I am sure most doctors still do not check it.
Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

Here is hoping everyone rested well last night and I hope we all have a good day today....with the week-end following.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Remember to hug your children and grandchildren.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
teelady1 responded:
Good morning! Happy Friday!

Just checking in. Not much to report. It's been a long week. I did have to report for Jury Duty this past Monday. I was selected to be on a jury for a civil case. We were sworn in late Monday afternoon and then returned Tuesday morning for the opening statements. We sat in the Jury room a long time before we were escorted into the courtroom - where the judge explained that the case had been settled and we were dismissed.

Mimi, you could send some of that snow this way - No. IL. We have hardly had any snow this winter - maybe a couple of inches. Sorry about your cold. I hope it is a short-lived one.

I'm feeling pretty good today ... but our weather is going to change and undoubtedly the changing temps will cause some aches. It's going to be around 40 degrees here today and tomorrow - but by Sunday it will be in the 10s. Only a high of 10 on Monday and -1 Monday night!

It's only been a couple weeks since I started a new exercise workout program - I'm learning Tai Chi. I do think I'm feeling some of the benefits - but it might still be too early.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and weekend with no or little pain and good sleep.
fibroinsd responded:
Happy Friday...hope all are well..sorry about the snow Mimi..but glad it has finally warmed up today...super nice day...well..I will send this nice weather east to you all! You are welcome !

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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