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Anything for the fog?
erincathryn posted:
So I know there are medicines and alternative therapies out there that can help the pain... but is there anything to help the mental fog?

I find the pain to be the most debilitating (followed closely by fatigue), but the fog is the most distressing symptom to me... the thing that makes me feel the least like myself.

Bec_F responded:
I've had fibromyalgia for about 5 years now. The fog was one of the first signs I knew something was wrong with me and shortly after the pain began. When I have periods of the fog lifting and I notice my thinking is as sharp as it used to be I usually find it is during a time where I have cut processed foods and almost all sugar out of my diet, something I haven't been able to do permanently but I do for a few weeks every now and then. I've never been advised of anything that can be prescribed to help with the fog. Adjusting your diet in this way is definitely worth a shot as it's free and you're not adding drugs into your system. And getting enough sleep, which I have a huge problem with but the change of diet seems to assist with that too. I hope this helps

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