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franr posted:
Hello Fibro friends
Today I started with a new primary MD after 6 weeks of getting the run around.He wouldlike to get me off of the neurotin,and nix on cymbalta,savella and lyrica. He would like me to try halicon instead of xanax being both benzo's. Has anyone taken this drug for fibro sleep? and what were the results. Please information.
dollbug responded:
Hello Fran....MiMi in NC...I have not heard of halicon...but I would suggest that you goggle it and do your own research on this.

I do not know what you have tried for sleep yet....I know in the beginning I tried several different kinds of medicines....which did not help me at all. Of course, you will never know what may or may not help until you try them.

I ended up doing my own research and I now sleep pretty good each night....I sleep in a recliner...(not by choice though)....I also sleep on pillows...I have done this now since 2005...I do it because I can sleep longer and better without waking up. Now...I still have nights when I do not sleep as much as I would like to...I think we, FMers, have nights like this.

By chance have you tried taking a hot shower using lavender bath salts in a stopped up drain right before going to sleep? This helps me, especially when I am really tired.

I have gotten my FM pain and sleep under control but the chronic fatigue is still a real problem for me.

I do hope you will find the right combination of *tools* that will help you cope better....hang in there.

Take care and good luck.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
He wants to pull away ALL your meds fran? WOW I am suspicious. Halcion is a sleep aid from a long time ago, been around a while. Ithink though there is issue with it.

Read up on it. Maybe the spelling issue had you without resource. Halcion. I think twilight sleep was a problem.

You know what I see with doctors, they all like their own mix. One likes this med the others like this one...sometimes it goes to what they "know" and if side effects fall they are aware of what to expect....

I hope you fare well. I was reluctant when i changed docs and she wanted savella...after i near died with the cymbalta I wasn't happy....and I was challenging. Then she sold me on why and med action as was the best move I made.

So, it might be what you need. They read you when the see you. Try it and then go back to where you started if it doesn't work.

Hope you don't flare during the transition.........Hugs, nancy B
Bec_F replied to booch007's response:
I just wanted to ask about your experience with Cymbalta as my doctor is discussing it as one of the options to help with my pain. Reading up on the possible side effects I was really concerned by how many there can be and how severe. Appreciate any advise.
Thanks, Bec
dollbug replied to Bec_F's response:
Hello Bec....I just wanted to comment here....anytime you get any kind of prescription to take....IF you read up on the side effects, (which you get a copy when you have it filled)....I am thinking that a normal person would NOT even want to try this being said....we are all different...and what works for one may or may not work for another.

My DH is a cancer survivor and when he was treated with chemo...they gave him a list of side effects....(OMG-when I read what side effects were for it-I did not even think he would live through the treatment....I will say this though...he hit every side effect listed...(death was not on it)...he lived through it...but he came really close, very close to death's fact, his cancer doctor told me at one time that he had done all he could do for him...that IF I believed in a *higher power*....then I had better call on HIM for help....that this was his only chance...

They also said that DH would never work again.. but he went into remission and he did return to work.....the doctor also told me that hardly ever does the *cancer kill a person* is the side effects which do...and that a person's mind over matter makes a BIG difference...well...I can assure you that in my DH'S case, it did....he had a very positive outlook and actually his attitude was so much better than mine...

OK...I just wanted to share this with you...since people truly never know how the body will react to the might be a good match, it might be a horrible match.

Cymbalta made me really sick....I tried so hard to allow it to work...the doctor told me to stop after 2 weeks of being really sick.

I hope you find something soon that will work for you....we, FMers must keep on keeping on....until we find the *right combination of tools which work for us*...

Take care and good luck.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 replied to Bec_F's response:

There are many side effects to this med...BUT, all meds are risk and benefit. Some people have done fine with little issue and so much benefit.

It is it's fit to your body's chemistry. I have enough seratonin and it was not a good fit for me, but savella which is more norepinephrine then seratonin WAS.

I had very dry eyes and mouth and couldn't take the brain buzzes I felt.

When I get a new med. I DON'T read the side effects. I start it with a clean slate and wait to see how I feel. I save the paper to see what to expect and then if I start having trouble i look and see where I am in the side effects department. I have found working with patients IF you tell them of the side effects they get the side effects (this is why I* DON'T LOOK.)

Things in ITALCS are most often experienced by people and those that are regular typing are few....if it is not too bad or is is one that passes (like nausea) you can continue on. Always talking to the doctor when it seems too uncomfortable or too weird a feeling is very important. You are playing with your brain chemistry.

I wish you luck and take us along on the journey...let us know how it goes. Nancy B

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