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    Lot it somewhere lol...
    dakotaspirit1957 posted:
    made from copy...

    Having a hard time sleeping... Was up almost 24 hrs yesterday with my grand daughter... She came up with a soaring fever again Thursday night and lept with me most of the night and wouldn't let anyone care for her... I lost track of Friday and Saturday caring for her... All I remember was fever and pain... And not being able to sleep... kept me buy... She had others here to care for her but refused them... only wanted my;... I couldn't say no... She looked so sick... And I felt it a privilege... Her still wanting me over her other Grandmother that now lives with us and babies her and treats her so different that he has told me she doesn't like me dissapplining... I am too rough on them... She has her ways and her mine... I don't interfere when she is watching them and I don't expect her to when I have them... Which is the priority and most of the time... I disagree with her telling the children I an having a bad day after I send them to their room and they cry... I am just disapplining them...

    Anyway her choosing me over her made my day and didn't make her... She didn't even come out to see if I needed any need help for 2 days and informed my son that is why...

    The child was sick... I have been with her since birth... practacly raised her... versus someone who has known her a few months and has just married into the family and just married and moved in to the home... Gotta understand...

    So anyway.... My oldest son helped for the first 24 hours then crashed and slept a while... and the kids let me sleep off and on for a few minutes at a time.. But not long enough to gather strength... So Daddy is home most of the day today and after I get him up at 8 AM and he checks in at work... He will be with her... And I will sleep... Her fever broke yesterday about 2 PM and he was ambitious... But I kept her down... Her and her brother were on my bed with me and were having a fight and she threw a kicking fit and I got kicked in my back.. I couldn't move for 3 hours and she felt pretty bad... She kept saying how she loved me and how sorry she was... It is hard when things like that happens... Things normal people would shrug off and walk away from and I am wreathing in pain over... I can't help but show the pain I was in... I tried not to... But the pain was sur-real...

    So I have had an exciting weekend so far... I hope to get some rest to watch the games to see who is going to the super bowl... But if I sleep thru them there is always the NFL channel lol... This is always the worst time of year for me... I am going thru football withdrawal already lol.. I don't get into other sports the way I do football... Something I look forward to hurting myself with every Sunday lol...

    Well... I don't know... For a change it has only taken half an hour to write this let me save it lol

    There Saved...

    It is usually my luck I get this far and accidentally hit the mouse over the cancel button or advertisement button and lose it all... lol...Or it simply gets lost in cyberspace... I do so love that...

    I am going to try to sleep now... Have to get up at 6 for meds but 7 to wake me and take final meds for early morning and wake up my son by 8... I always hope to wake an hr earlier then getting up others to have some time for me...

    You all take care.. Love... Jan/Dakota
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Refreshed my 3 AM message 15 times and it didn't show up... So I used my copy to make another one and when I sent it they both came up lol... Guess it was stuck in the Drain and the new one just pushed it out lol... Sorry... Love... Jan/Dakota

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