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MY Reply to Nancy and my other fibro friends
franr posted:
Dear Nancy and friends
This awlful journey continues. It is so hard to get on this website to post. I did try the halicon and did sleep,I had to switch from zanax 0.5 they areboth benzo's. I am not sure if this corect but the MD said try.But the esophagus problem,no appetite and weight loss is getting me more depressed.That is why we switch mD's and hospitals because they said I need a pschy.Has anyone else had esophagus loss of appetite with fibro. The pain I can handle.I appreciate all the advise and encouragement.
squarley responded:
Yes i got that and loss 35 lb it took months of drinking boost and got on prevacid,i still have problems think i have all th symptoms of fibro, but it a day to day thing,went to different doctors till i find one to help, i was all so low on b12 and D so get every thing checked out, i do some exercising at curves when i feel up to it, ,hope this helps your not alone,Shirley

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