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MY Reply to Nancy and my other fibro friends
franr posted:
Dear Nancy and friends
This awlful journey continues. It is so hard to get on this website to post. I did try the halicon and did sleep,I had to switch from zanax 0.5 they areboth benzo's. I am not sure if this corect but the MD said try.But the esophagus problem,no appetite and weight loss is getting me more depressed.That is why we switch mD's and hospitals because they said I need a pschy.Has anyone else had esophagus loss of appetite with fibro. The pain I can handle.I appreciate all the advise and encouragement.
crystalscats responded:
I too have had esophagus loss of appetite. But feel I can afford to loose a few pounds. I didn't really notice it was that bad though until my son started asking me, Hey mom did you eat today? He apparently had noticed the loss of appetite in me too. I am glad though clothes are feeling bigger on me! But he has begun to ask it almost daily now and is trying to make sure I am eating every day. Most times I will have a bowl of soup all day and that is it.
franr replied to crystalscats's response:
Dear Crystal Cats
Is this from the fibro because now I am going to a new hospital and they are looking into everything.I lst 14 lbsin 2 months been hospitalized and place om iv's and the doctor said I need apsychartist.I cannot swallow food only liquids and soup.and ziam depressed and worried. Take my pills by puting in pudding. This all came on so fast. Let me know. Where are you located?
crystalscats replied to franr's response:
I'm located in WV, just moved here from South Jersey. I'm really not sure if from Fibro as my insurance ran out and couldn't afford more testing. Rheumy said maybe from Lupus or FMS. I have R/A, FMS, and Lupus so really not sure. So until I get insurance again, it's soup mostly for me.

I hope they find out for you with all the testing. I have not been hospitalized to date. They all say need a psychiatrist when we have FMS. Shame but many docs think it is all in our heads!
dollbug responded:
Hello Fran....MiMi in NC...I am a bit confused....are you not eating because you can NOT swallow...OR are you not eating due to some other reason?

I had problems with parathyroid which caused me to choke on things...and I was not able to swallow like most normal people do...ended up getting a cough...where something seemed to be caught up in my esophagus....which turned out to be the parathyroid gland had tried to attach itself to my esophagus...and that was my problem....I had surgery and the cough disappeared and my swallowing problem got fixed...

OK...just wondering about this.

I hope you find out something soon.

Take care.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Good morning Fran,

Right away I thought of Penny. Do you remember her. She is just about a shadow on the wall, a tall drink of water. She has battled her gut and eating for a long time here.

Anyway to reach her? Did oyu follow the oldies to FB or the other fibro page? Fibrofriends? maybe she could help.

I will put a shout out for you. Glad you slept!! Nancy B

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