Has anyone heard from Caprice?
rosielou posted:
I'm not on here everyday and probably missed a change, but can somebody tell me where is Caprice? I miss her conversation starters, and positive, upbeat comments.

katmandulou responded:
I haven't *seen* her for awhile. Caprice - what's going on with you?
rosielou replied to katmandulou's response:
I just saw that one of the conversations on the Back Pain Community is that WebMD has stopped using the moderators. Is that true?
dollbug replied to rosielou's response:
Hello RosieLou...MiMi in NC....I had visited the back pain site this morning and posted a question...I did not see the post you are referring to then but I did go back and read it after I read your post...yes...it does seem that WebMD no longer have moderators. I am sure this was a cut back for them....just like any other business. I guess they were forced to do this.

I hate that Caprice did not let us know this was going to take place.....but I am sure she probably did not have a choice to do so. Stinks, doesn't it?

There is so much going on in the country now....a person never knows from one day to another what may or may not happen....kinda like FM isn't it?

I hope Caprice will find her something else to do since I think this was what she done for a living. I am sure everyone will miss her.

I now wonder about Dr. P as well.....anyone know?

Take care and thanks for posting this.


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booch007 replied to dollbug's response:
HOLY CRAP...Caprice is gone!!

10 years she has been moderator here. SHE is all I know.....
No wonder when i reported that 5 or 8 posted post over the weekend I never saw a response from a moderator and it never was deleted....

I am shocked she just disappeared.....I am shocked she is not here to just share with us, didn't she also have FM?

Is that also what happened to Dr P?? We lost all of them?

WOW...makes you think doesn't it.

Hope this site doesn't fold down it is so needed by the patients. Where would we all meet to talk with eachother.

WOW I am still blown away by this news..........Nancy B
rosielou replied to booch007's response:
Lou MiMi and Nancy, I'm definitely sad if it's true that she's gone. We might have to do our own housekeeping now to welcome newcomers, nudging responses to old threads to maybe start a new post, and the most challenging(!) to occasionally have a lightweight general topic started. (The one about pain free bras is still my favorite!) I'd be willing to help with that.

Do you think she'll join as a friend? Another Lou
katmandulou responded:
Doesn't eliminating the moderators make this a less-worthwile site? Caprice and the other mods are (for some of us) a daily check in with a medical professional, without the inconvenience of a co-pay. LOL IF they have eliminated them, it's a shame.
dakotaspirit1957 replied to katmandulou's response:
Lou... I hope you really don't feel that eliminating the moderators make this a less worthy site... Yes it is wonderful to have a professional like Dr P with us and I would love to see him here again... I will miss Caprice greatly if she is gone... And I wish God's blessings to the both of them for the blessings they bestowed upon us... But this site is so much more for us then that... It is You and I and All of US... Individuals coming together to form a FAMILY... For the purpose of helping and being helped... It is not built just of individual people but of our souls spreading unconditional love and understanding...

I just wrote to a person who is sounding suicidal... The person wrote us 4 days ago and got passed over probably due to the weekend... Please look for "Barney12" as the person ended it saying "THANKING YOU IN ANDVANCEAND I REMAIN, SPIRITUAL AND HOPEFUL

We are here to help ourselves by helping others... for every time I help someone it makes me stronger and much more able to fight and accept my own pain... It gives me purpose in a life that disease and pain ripped all the purpose out of... And I am whole again...

And I owe so much of this to this group... The family I have found here...

Thanks for being here... May we go on and on...

Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
dollbug replied to katmandulou's response:
Hello Lou....this is part of the changes which take place every day....businesses finding ways to cut or reduce costs....I am sure the moderators were paid for being here as are the other professional people who were here as well.

I think we all know that most people do not do things just for the sake of doing them. I know that I am here, for a reason....I have learned a lot here....this is one of the best support groups that I have found. Now with that being said, I will also say this as well....it is the people here who make it the best....each and every one of us.

Perhaps WebMD now wants to move on to something else....since this has been established. I am sure that they have BIGGER and BETTER things to accomplish.

We are all adults and personally I think, for the majority of us here, we actually do not need anyone to *oversee* what we do....sure as with anything and everything, there are a few people who post things that possibly do not belong here...and I guess we can still report these....until the report this button is deleted or until no one addresses the issues.

There are a few of us, FMers, who have been here for a very long time....and a lot of FMers, who on occasion, stop by and post every now and then. I think this will probably continue to be the case.

It is what it is....I still think that *communication and training makes the world go round*....that is, IF and WHEN people use it.

Just my own thoughts here.

Take care.


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georgia888 replied to dollbug's response:
I think Dr. P left the site a while ago. Although he & Caprice will be very much missed, let's not let this interfere with the tremendous support we provide for one another.

As RosieLou suggested, let's try to take over the various roles held by Caprice. She offered so much optimism while suffering as much as any of us.

Dr. P's shoes will be harder to fill as he was a medical doctor however, he answered so many posts in the past & covered numerous subjects that keep coming up, so let's continue to refer to those. They haven't been deleted, have they?

With or without their support, we need one another so let's not let yet another obstacle get in the way of our managing this condition.

I believe all the WebMD communities have lost this professional support but as with all other changes in life, we must accept & move on.

Nancy B, promise us you aren't going any where, please. That goes for MiMi & many other regulars whose names just aren't coming as quickly to my foggy mind.

dollbug replied to georgia888's response:
Hello georgia....MiMi in NC....I just wanted to comment about Dr P's (absence).....Caprice told us that he was away for a while....this is what I remembered reading....I had no idea that he was actually gone...for good...again...I think it is a shame that WebMD did not *communciate better with the members here*.

Like I said this morning....communication and training makes the world go round....this is such a HUGE PROBLEM everywhere.

It is almost like companies think it is ok to leave people *hanging*....I disagree....100%....being honest with people is such a BETTER WAY TO GO....at least for me.

In the past few years I have encountered more adults who thought that telling lies was considered OK...my son was *indicted TWICE*....all because someone lied.
It took over 2 years for all of the charges to finally get *dismissed*.....and cost a lot of time and money for nothing.

OK...this is my soapbox for today*****I think everyone is entitled to at least one a day.

It is a shame that people can not be honest and professional.....even on the internet.


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An_244127 replied to dollbug's response:
Hi, I know that I don't post often, but I do read the posts here daily and also on the Pain Mgnt board. I wanted to say that on the Pain Mgnt board their expert dr. has still been replying to some posts, so I'm not sure if Web md just got rid of the moderators and kept the doctors? Maybe Dr. P is still around after all? I know many are considering leaving because of this (on that board too), but I hope not, it's the people that make the community and the support we gain from each other that keep us coming back.
booch007 replied to georgia888's response:
Georgia and all,

You are stuck with me. But I find it amazing...NO GOODBYE? Just over*. The top of the site still says moderator mediated..

No one has said anything to us? Hmm People and businesses always amaze me. The interpersonal skills are lacking in so many. It doesn't take much to communicate.

So, what ever help I can put out will still be around, when I can be of help or see something I can have input on.

Take care all, Nancy B

What do they say " the only thing you can count on is change in your future...."
dollbug replied to booch007's response:
Nana B.....I think there are a lot of people who still do not understand that communication and training really makes the world go round.

I know that when the company I worked for decided to cut back....it was a hush, hush deal....no one was saying anything....perhaps no one knew anything....I have no idea...but not knowing is NOT good for anyone.

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks or so....with just how the judicial system also works or NOT....I think that there are some people who think that IF they just ignor something.....then it just might *GO AWAY*....so rather than move forward with what needs to be done...they just do nothing....I think we all know though that doing nothing about something DOES NOT NOR WILL NOT work.

I will also share this with you.....we, the people, of the USA are supposed to have *Constitutional Rights*....but these also come at a cost to us....no joke here. I had no idea until just recently just how things like this work....I have to laugh because my dear aunt use to tell me that the older she got, the more confused she became....because she had no idea just how some things worked. I have also found this to be so very true...in more ways than one.

OK...enough for my soapbox today.

Change is good......sometimes.

Take care.


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