Hump Day *****1/23/2013 ****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...and it is COLD here...21* and they say we just might get some *SNOW* again on is supposed to be in the 30* today...OMG...we are having wintertime though and what can we expect...I guess the nice weather actually spoiled me for a while. They told us way back when that a very COLD winter was expected this I guess NC has been really very lucky so far. After reading Cory's post on temps* weather is not even considered cold.

I did sleep better and longer last night and I do feel better this morning...getting enough sleep can make such a BIG difference in how I feel. I have been under the weather for a while now...I think I had what my DH had but not as bad. I hate having to fight something else though. I hope I am now on the mend though.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. Hang out with us here and learn all you can about what other FMers have found to help them cope each day. Since we are all different what works for one may or may not work for you and it normally takes a *combination of tools* that will work. I have learned how to *control my FM pain* by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well. I do know that stress makes a big difference in the way I feel as well.

Vitamin D...again...I want to remind everyone to talk to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this cold day in NC.

Here is hoping everyone will have a good day. Stay warm if you can.


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dakotaspirit1957 responded:
Good morning all... I am so glad you had a good night Mimi... It i good to hear... I think I had a better night but I am so exhausted this morning I can't keep my eyes open yet... Can't return to bed until I get my son up and his day rolling... Then I think I will roll on back into bed...

I am hoping that I am feeling stronger tomorrow... Ihat is another have plans to go to a meeting about an hour away from here for the Hearing Loss Association of America... Treason I am going to go back to bed today...
dakotaspirit1957 replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
between my computer messing up and my Parkinsons... you got to see my first post all screwed up... lol... hope this one works better...

anyway.. I hope to go to this meeting and meet some new friends... and some contacts to help in my new world... I am always nervous meeting new people so I am already anxious... I But that will come in another message today...

It is suppose to be nice again today and I hope tomorrow... And I hope you all are handling your cold weather... I can tell you honestly... I miss it.. Miss it and snow... I kept saying all the way thru our freeze that if we had to freeze it was just not right it didn't snow lol... But leave it to Arizona... I guess I am not that far away from snow but it is still a healthy drive... Not one I would take easy and be able to enjoy snow with lol...

Well... You all have a nice day... Stay warm... and cozy... and Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
katmandulou responded:
Happy Hump Day!

It's darned cold here in southeastern MA. It's 22? now and feels like -6? - that's frigid! it might get up to 17? - and this is all Fareinheit!!

I have a lunch date that should be good. (brr) I am the immediate past president of my high school alumni assn., and I'm meeting the new prez to hand over files and give her the low-down of some dysfunctions. I'm proud to have been the leader when the assn was incorporated, and I look forward to working with them to get stuff done!

I made an appt to see the GI doc to deal with the aftermath of my surgery. "Regular" has never been used to describe me, but I need to make sure nothing else is wrong, as unpleasant as it could be.

I'm still having sleeping issues, mostly NOT sleeping. Stress? Could be. I feel like I'm moving from doctor to doctor, and some aren't talking to the others. I see the rheumy on the 30th, and I can't wait til he sees the weight I lost!

Gotta get ready for my meeting. Wishing you the best Wednesday you can possibly have!
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good middle of the week everyone.l I do hope that your day is going well and that you are not dealing with any fibro pain or issues.

MiMI, being just west of NC we've go the cold here too. They are saying snow for late tonight and tomorrow. Here in middle TN that means a dusting and ice Friday. UGH. But it's okay cause I am one day closer to spring.

Last night DH wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner, but honestly as nice as that would have been, it was just to cold at 20 something to go out. I was layered yesterday for my appointments and it was so uncomfortable I didn't feel like getting even heavier things for a cold night out.

I went to our tax man yesterday. ( He's a dear friend as well as our tax guy ) and got the amount we have to send the IRS. I left quite happy as it was a 1000.00 less than we had figured it to be. We always owe the IRS since DH works and gets his Social Security. One year we owed 3000 and that's not counting what we had taken out. So this year we braced ourselves ourselves for the worst. And it wasn't bad. But with DH and I have had it so hard, for so long, that we think even saving a few dollars on something is wonderful. We've been brought to our knees and as humble beyond words.

With DH and I every dime, nickle and penny counts. The other day I left the house without my coupon wallet and when DH pulled into the market parking lot and when I noticed I didn't have it I said I'd pass on the market until I had the coupons to shop with. Most husbands would have been mad at my oversight, but DH said " let's go back and get it". How sweet was that?

I have a low key day going on and really don't have a lot to say today except I hope MiMI feels better and doesn't have the cold/ flu that her DH had.

Jan I hope you feel much better tomorrow too

Lou, hope your lunch and your doctor appointment both go well. I'd send you some sunshine and warm temps but we don't have any to send

I guess I should bet up and start my day.. have a good day FMily and Gentle hugs to all.
Linda R