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    Anxious dealing with my new world
    dakotaspirit1957 posted:
    I know I am foolish to think this way... I feel anxious for I am meeting people tomorrow at a meeting for the Hearing Loss Association of America... I feel like it is the beginning of my new world... I don't walk into a room full of people and feel I make a good impression right away... I know that i being down right silly but I haven't gone out to socialize or be among more then 2-3 people at a time in years... And I knew them... I don't know anyone but I talked to one on the phone... She sounds nice and energetic.. lol... Just what my anxiety likes... energetic lol... I have a bit of social anxiety problem... It sorta scares me to meet lots of people at once... I don't even do well shopping...

    My oldest son, Richie is driving me... So he will be there for moral support... I am already overwhelmed with the prospect of being deaf... There is so much I can't hear already... I am afraid it will overwhelm me more...

    And I hate going anywhere in pain... And my pain level has been thru the roof lately...

    I know I have to do this... I need to start dealing with this and going on with life... Just another lesser traveled road for me that has plenty of traffic... I have to reach out to the traffic or get run over and continue to feel alone and lost... And afraid... I have to put my faith in God that I am walking the right path and these people are going to reach out to be my friends... Maybe even "Angels" in my life...

    It is so much easier to come here and associate with you... You don't see what I look like... You don't see me in pain... And you don't see my fear... I can be real here without fearing being lashed out at... In real life that is always a fear of mine for it has happened so often in the past...

    I have a bit of a social anxiety even when all I do is go shopping... Let alone being put in a large group... So I take my anxiety meds with me lol... And lean on my son when I need to... And be proud of each little step I make towards people...

    Well... so that's me today... and tomorrow... Keep me in your thoughts... It is important for me to make these connections... I don't like feeling alone and scared... And need some people to help me in this new world of mine...

    Go have a wonderful day... Thanks for being here for me... and cherish every sound for it i beautiful...

    Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
    katmandulou responded:
    I understand your anxiety, but I know you'll be fine. I know this is different, but you came here for the first time once and flourished.

    Take one step at a time, remember to breathe (you'll be surprised that many people will hold their breath when they're nervous), and make new friends. And let us know how it foes!
    ( hugs )
    Anon_408 responded:
    You will do just fine Jan. I have anti social anxiety, but part of mineis also just having to get up and start getting ready, if I plan or think on it to long, forget it, I put it off till tomorrow, and we all know that tomorrow never comes.

    Also remember, there might just be any number in the crowd just like yourself. You are wonderfful at giving support. If you can make one person feel comfortable, there probably is a person that can make you feel comfortable. And today, it may just be your son, next time it may be your son and someone else.

    Best of luck, and come back and let us know how it goes. Relax, or try to, and have fun with it, no matter what the circumstances,
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Jan....MiMi in NC...I am sure you will do just fine. I did want to mention something though....I use to be a bank teller, off and on for a very long time. As a young teenager I worked in a country store waiting on the I am use to being out and about among people...then I went to work for the loan servicing grew to be quite large around 450 people...but I worked on a computer for most of the day. I had to interact with people though both in person and over the telephone....I had no problems with any of these things.

    OK...when I was laid off in 2005....and have not worked since....I have noticed that I have problems with getting out...for whatever the reason. As most of you know I have traveled many days up and down the road going to court with my son. No joke...each time I had to do this...I got really nervous about it....and I did not have to do anything but be there for moral support for my son. It was NOT like I had to speak or actually do anything. my point is this...I have to wonder IF FM has something to do with this...I dread almost anything that I need and have to do these days....WHY????? I have no idea. Is it stress causing this? I think we all know just how much stress does affect more than just one way.

    It is almost like I am ok as long as I am here at home....but otherwise....I have issues.

    Take care and good luck.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Thanks for the loving support... I will keep in mind you believe in me and I am sure that will hep me a lot.. Now I am going to go lie down a while... I talked to the gal I am meeting tomorrow at the meeting to get started... I am feeling a bit more at eased... I wrote her an email of my uneasiness and my anxiety... she was very understanding... Said when she has things going on at her chapter she still flutters lol... It is an anniversary tomorrow... Their 29th... I hope it goes well... like I said I will be thinking of your support...

    Take care... Love Jan/Dakota
    rosielou replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    Hi Jan, You are one of the people that I admire most on this board. So many things to juggle, and yet so often you find time to respond to somebody's post with encouraging words, kindness and advice.

    As the others have said, I'm sure you'll do fine tomorrow. They're probably just a bunch of friends that you haven't met yet. (<---- that's from my grandmother) Another Lou

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