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Repeat Hospitalization
franr posted:
Hello Fibro friends
Well I went into my primary yesterday in severe chest wall and back pain and he send me in a wheelchair to ER because he said I look terible since last week and they had to R/0 MI. So I was admitted with a low potassium since because of my esophagus problem and decreased appetite.I had all the cardiac tests and they discharge me.And I still have chest wall and back pain and hoefully the app with pain management and GI will be soon I am sick of ER's.Does anyone else have chest wall pain and how dou cope.
booch007 responded:
Oh Fran I feel so bad for oyu. I am assuming they r/o costrochondritis (inflamation of the cartilage of the ribs)

Esophagitis and erosion of the esophagus from reflux can give you very bad pain......midsternal pressure and radiates to the back.

I am hoping you are seeing GI real soon. Have they put you on omeperazole or aciphex...and acid reducing med. I love to promote Gaviscon usage in reflux and esophagus issues. It is mylanta in a thickened form to coat the lining...

I have used it myself prior to becoming gluten free and MY WHOLE GI TRACT became brand new.! Man was I pissed that so many years passed with and IBS diagnosis and so much diarrhea in my life and it was gluten all that time.

I just really fel for you. Rest and take care and hopes that you see a doc soon...NancyB
fibrofran17 replied to booch007's response:
Hi Booch, I don't post often but yours jumped out at me regarding the gluten. I recently found out I had Celiac disease since birth and I AM 62!! What a life. It wasn't IBS all along and I was packing in all the "Good" wheat cereal, bread, bagels etc etc for fiber for years and I finally really crashed, will leave out all the bathroom issues and inability to leave the house for a few years. I recommend that anyone with an IBS diagnoses get an endoscopy, upper digestive system, and a biopsy because celiac disease has ALOT of serious symptoms in all the bodily and mental systems from malnourishment of vitamins and minerals, and many overlap with fibromyalgia's mental deterioration. Gluten free diet helps alot but at my age alot of permanent damage has been done and irreversible, not to mention some very unecessary surgeries. Take care everyone and keep educating yourselves.
booch007 replied to fibrofran17's response:
DITTO, I am so pissed that the medical world didn't help me with this, it was a naturopath I saw on my own to see how to help me. BUT damage done 32 years of diarrhea and mees and dehydration and loss of nutrients.

It will take 32 years to probably get back some of me!

Shame, darn shame...Nancy B

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