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as my sister says, stop whining like a girl, suck it up.
Wolfsong452 posted:
or, as my neice (daughter of same said sister mentioned)

what, do you need a pity party? go ahead, have one, then get over it.

hmm, kind of sounds like mother and daugther right?

well, neice, has been through what I call hell in a hand basket. She knows about pain, depression etc. so, I guess if she's bucking the problems and even having good days, not always pain free, but at least positive sounding to the outside world. She says, that sometimes having that positive sound to the outside world, can actually COME INSIDE. making you feel better.

Sister, has had her share also, 2 daugthers who's caused her hell in a hand basket. Along with sister's own physical and emotional problems, these were life and death problems.

Then of course the one's that were caused by my mother getting ill and then dying.

ok, so, what I've learned, yes, pity parties are good, whining is good, but yet again, at some point we do have to suck it up and stop whining,

which I've found can be adictive the whining and complaining, that is. So, this has to be cut back,

, so start talking positive,

try to find something good to talk about EVERYDAY,

EVEN IF all you can say is Hey! I made my bed today,

or, I even GOT OUT of bed.

pain, is always going to be there. Coping with it? yeah right,

been there done that, impossible, a whole heck of a lot of times.

gotta start thinking of at least ONE POSITIVE THING EVERY DAY!

maybe I will even convince myself.
Anon_2912 responded:
Yep, I agree with you..

Pain, stress, sickness is all part of life...There are millions out there dealing with on issue or another.

It depends on how you react to it...
Anon_10089 responded:
I think you're right! Way easier said than done. I think one of the worst byproducts of FM is guilt. Guilt can eat you alive and has no value beyond a point. Instead of looking at what we can't do, we should look at what we did accomplish.

Complaining/venting has its place too. For some reason, getting thoughts out of your brain through your mouth or keyboard, can help those thoughts be less bad or even go away.

I also think that if someone raises a "complaint" with the goal of finding a solution, then it has a lot of value. That's what I feel like most people do here. They talk about an issue because they want support and to feel better.

But I also think you're right when you say complaining can be addictive. It can feel good! I always enjoy your posts, Wolfsong!
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
Sometimes nI think I am like a broken record.. Repeating myself over and over...
I don't find coming here to speak about our pain or concerns is being negative... I don't think it is whining or complaining... I think emptying whatever we have on our mind is what this is all about...

I also try to throw in a positive point... I try to be a positive help even on my worst days in mesages to help people... But some days I just need to read and vent... I think I call that being Human...

I do believe tho... I look at my day every day to ee the positive... the good... the saved... the accomplished.... The Blessings...

I think maybe I could share these more often... Maybe we can start a daily message like our daily message that is for our positive and good things we can mention... Just to brighten our day... I don't know... I would be willing to start it... If anyone would be interested in writing one for a while to see how it goes... I will open it if you like...

I like the idea... think I would call it "Hopes and Goodies of Today..."

What do you think... lol...

Well... Me be tired after my busy and productive day... Off to bed it is very late for me... Meds are late... Eyes say nitey nite...

Take care... Jan/Dakota

Wolfsong452 replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
yes, I'm going to try and be here everyday, saying something positive about it. Even if it's the point of where my new birds are driving me crazy!

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