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afternoon fatigue anyone?
rj1600 posted:
does anyone get fatigued out of nowhere in the afternoon?

anyone have any ideas on how to battle through that, especially if you have to stay focused at work?

any diet/vitamin or any type of ideas?
Anon_10089 responded:
I find a diet higher in protein and low in sugar and carbs helps a lot. Look at what you're eating for lunch. Maybe there are too many carbs or it's not big enough. I get a decent amount of energy from good fats.

Maybe eat a snack a half hour or hour before your usual period of fatigue. I'd do something high in protein, possibly even high in good fats. Nuts, cheese, greek yogurt?
pam1217 responded:
yes I get tired during afternoons usally I have to take a nap it has gotten some better however I have pain in abdomen
booch007 replied to Anon_10089's response:
Going with this...yes yes yes. Lowering the carbs at lunch will help you stay clearer. It is often a surge of insulin....and a lower blood sugar that gives this issue.

I have a double whammy in that the meds dose at 12 noon makes me sleepy too....but I need to be busy to work through it. Without that dose i stop moving by 4pm. So no choices here.

I also watch that I have a higher protien if not all protien in the lunch window and a salad. Good luck, it takes time to retrain your body to lower that insulin so give it time.

Good luck, NancyB

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