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RE: no moderators on WebMD
Anon_408 posted:
This is a copy and paste from Debsbears on the back pain support group Informative information.

Here is the email I got when I wrote in 2 times about where are the moderators:

WebMD has decided to shift the focus of the communities from being WebMD-managed to now being more member-managed — allowing members to shape their conversations and their communities in the direction that suits their needs. We have seen this as a growing trend among other social networking sites/message boards and feel it will better facilitate interaction among our members. Even with this change, we will continue to invite experts to keep answering member questions as they have been in the past. Along with this, we have also recently made some significant updates to our Answers tool ( ) and we hope you will make use of this resource as well.

If you do need to reach a WebMD Staff member, please reach out either via our reporting tool on this community or by submitting an email here: .
Anon_408 responded:
It might be worth it to save this for future reference. On the back pain board, they seemed to have concerns of spam, scamming, snake oil salesman, etc. According to my understanding, community members (us) will be the sensoring posts, and I guess report what we think is wrong?
rosielou replied to Anon_408's response:
Thanks for posting this. I went around to some of the other boards to see what was going on. The Welcome one was covered with spam. If anybody new were to stop there first, they might just close the window and go away.

Have you used the Answers pages?

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