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Newly Diagnosed
ltltwty posted:
Hi, Iam new to WebMD and I have just recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I've had the symptoms for several years but just gritted my teeth and pushed through. Now Iam to the point where I just cant do it anymore.

I have no idea what to expect or how to handle this now. I do have ALOT of stress in my life. In fact 4 days before the fibro diagnosis I was diagnosed with Alkalie burns in my lungs from where I work and was advised that I had to seek other employment immediately. So now Iam questioning what my capability is.

I have always been super active. Up until now I have worked 60+ hours a week at my job and we ranch so I ride horses alot, plus all the other chores.

Is my life coming to an abrupt stop? Or do I just try to slow down????
dollbug responded:
Hello and welcome.....MiMi in NC...I think that perhaps we all have tried to just continue the path that we were use to....until we could NO LONGER do it....I am not sure that this is a good thing either.

Stress is one of the worse things that we, FMers, deal with. Stress and the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...are best friends...they thrive off one another. You should try to get a gripe on your stress level, at least as good as you can. I know that I continue to have *issues* with this also.....and I know just how important it is to limit the is really hard at times though to do this.

I think most of us were use to being *super active* as you called it...most of us FMers have what I refer to as A personalities....on the go all the time...always doing things...never really taking time to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak....which is not a good thing.

Trust me when I will be making changes the wrath of the dragon will not allow you to continue as you have been use will have to learn how to pace, pace and pace even more. It does take time and effort to figure this out....but it is something that all of us FMers must order to move forward and learn how to *control the pain* that we have.

I hope you will check out the info under *tips* and *resources*....I am sure you will find some good *tools* that perhaps you have not thought of does take a trial and error process to find the right combination of things that might help you cope better.

I would also encourage you to be sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level....which is important to a lot of people these days...low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as your own research about Vitamin D on the will find all sorts of interesting things about it and what the medical researchers have discovered. This is a simple blood test...but you must ASK the doctor to run it is not included in the normal bloodwork that the doctors do.

Your life will not stop....but you will have to figure out just how to slow down and move will find out that your body is *demanding* this....whether you like it or not.

I hope this helps you sure and post often, ask questions, make comments and/or suggestions...and remember we do understand just what you are going through...most of us have been there, done that.

Take care and good luck.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
ltltwty replied to dollbug's response:
Thank you so much for the info and support.

You mentioned Vitamin D. My Dr. Called in a prescription for it the day I first posted. I guess his "routine" blood panel includes it and sure enough mine is really low. I put alot of research into finding a Doctor and chose Dr. Chattwell in Lincoln, NE. I found him to be very understanding and thorough.

I have already found that you are very right in having to pace myself already. I was diagnosed 3 days before my Fibro Diagnosis with "irritant induced asthma" from a work related injury. It's amazing how they feed off of each other. When I have an Asthma attack my Fibro really flares up and if I have a bad day with the Fibro I am more apt to have an asthma attack.

I have already started the change process in my life by seeking other employment that will allow me to get the rest that I need. In doing this the stress at home has lessened, now that the kids know I will be home after school and be able to see them before school. I am one to always find the posative in a negative. I have worked 70 hours a week with rotating shifts and double backs for a long time. My kids and my marriage has suffered for it. Now I can slow down and be a mom and wife again. But, most of all I can start to take care of my health and feel good about it.

Thank you
dollbug replied to ltltwty's response:
Hello....I am so glad to hear that the doctors are checking the Vitamin D level, which is so important for a lot of people these days...Perhaps word has spread and the doctors are finally *getting around to including the Vitamin D test*....I would suggest to you that you do your own research about Vitamin D and just how important it is. Be sure and keep tabs on this.

When I was finally told about the Vitamin D level was 12 or 14****which is way too low... I took a prescription dosage for a short time and then the doctor told me to continue taking over the counter D...I did my own research though and it took me a very long time for my level to get within the normal range...I now take a multi vitamin with extra D...I take the Source One 50 that I get at Walmart....this is really a good one.

I think in the beginning doctors were not sure of how to address the Vitamin D issues that people are having...I think there are some doctors who are still in the dark about this. After doing my own research on it...I decided what I wanted to do. I now take the multi with extra D.

Take care and good luck.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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