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another positive thought
Wolfsong452 posted:
ok, late for posting a positive thought for Fri. so, lets say this is for Sat.

I've been thinking of my mother quite a bit, she'd passed away Feb. 2011. My dog Sinchi who's also passed away, was not a friendly dog, only accepted me and my ex-hubby. Well, he would accept Boyfriend at the time, but very carefully, no sudden moves etc. BF liked to cook so that helped a bit.

Well due to 2 other German Shepherds I had who'd sing (howl) every time my cell phone rang, Sinchi learned to do this also. So I'd taught him to howl on command. Mostly my aoooo, myself, so that'd set him off.

well to get back to my mother, since I'd taught Sinchi to howl on command I'd call my mother at the nursing home all the time. Especially trying to remember to call her at 9 pm. As soon as my mother answered the phone, I'd say hello mother, Well that would put Sinchi on the alert, I'd then ask him would he like to talk to granny. Well, he'd sound off as loud and as pretty as he could. wow! he could howl, now he had a pretty voice, but my Ateela (female) really had the awesome voice.

well anyway, once Sinchi got to singing, sometimes you had trouble getting him to stop. We did this almost every night calling my mother.

My mother would always put a aid or a nurse on the phone so they could hear the dog singing to her.

well, now my mother's passed away, so is Sinchi, so about every night I'd stop and think, Hey mother, is Sinchi still singing to you? Since he's with you now, is he getting any friendlier?

I'd also ask her if she's hanging out with my other dogs Skeloosh (female) my mother loved to feed her. Rookie, (male) who always no matter what would step on mothers foot. Rookie was a big German Shepherd, 110 lbs. so when he stepped on you, it hurt.

Ateela, (female) who was so shy, but was the watcher, and actually the smart one. If something was happening the yard or house, Ateela would stand guard and send Rookie for help, while Sinchi was back up runner or biter. hee hee.

So I know Ateela is watching mother, making sure that the boys and Skeloosh are taking care of of her.

of course there are other pets, my mother had a siamese cat that always watched out for her. Damien would even try to get in the bath water whenever my mother would put her head under the facet or lean back and dunk completely under the water. I tought cats hated water. Well Damien was going to protect his mommy!

so everyone, remember you past loves, give the ones that are here now, a big hug. Making sure not to get feathers or fur in your mouth!
booch007 responded:
I ennoyed reading this. YES they are singing to her. I believe this.

The joy that is death and what is to come is special and our thoughts of love are so important to heal us, but also to help prepare us for what is to come. They will all be waiting for you . This I believe.

I have work with the dying and have seen such things it is hard to share. There is so much more to come. Our energy never is transformational.

Nancy B

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