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O/T **** Things I have learned ****
dollbug posted:
O/T is off topic....for anyone who does not know....this has nothing at all to do with FM....just something that I wanted to share. I am just sharing something that I would like others to read and then share your opinion on, if you care to.

The past few years have been quite a learning experience for me...and trust me when I say I have learned a lot....there are a few things that really have concerned me and are things that might just affect a lot of people....I have to wonder if others are aware of them.

Enjoying a lazy Saturday day at home one suumer day....being in the basement watching a movie with the family....the dogs upstairs were barking....(which is a common thing for them-sometimes they hear sounds that no one else can hear, perhaps other dogs barking or a bird making strange noises outside)...who know what exactly causes some dogs to bark a lot. The dogs stay upstairs and sometimes they hear the TV in the basement and they bark just hearing something on TV.

So the dogs began to bark and got the owner starts up the stairs to see IF there is anything that he needs to check out...and his wife is right behind they approach the top of the stairs...they hear a very loud knocking at the door...almost like someone is beating on the door....and then someone actually better open this door or we are going to bust open the door...the owner then opens the door and there are 2 law enforcement officers standing and demanded to know if he was the person they were looking for. So it seems like these *officers* did not know exactly who they were looking for. No...the owner said...the officers then stated that they had a warrant for this man's arrest...the owner then stated...can we see the warrant...the officers had already stepped into the house...the owners were told that they did not have a copy of the warrant and they needed to know if the person was there...the owner do you have a search warrant? The owner was told that they needed to sit down and shut up or they would be taken to jail.

The person that the officers were looking for did NOT live in this house...never did. The person was a relative though but he did not even live in the same county as these people lived fact, the person actually lived in 4 counties away from where these homeowners lived. question is and seizure****which is addressed in the US Constutitional you think this was something that law enforcement are allowed to do?

Are law enforcement allowed to go to a 3rd party residence and enter without *consent* of the homeowner to *search* for someone that they are looking for? Can law enforcement enter a person's house without a search warrant?

So.....what is your take on this situation and what would you do IF this happened to you?


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