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Making progress
foreversore posted:
Well, I went to my appointment the other day and saw my doctor instead of the nurse practitioner. We made a lot of changes to my medications, we dropped everything except for my Klonopin for RLS and he put me on Soma. So far, once I get to the point where I can fall asleep, the Soma helps my stay asleep. I don't wake up in pain every time I roll over and the muscle spasms are now gone. His office is supposed to call me tomorrow with a referral to a neurologist for an EMG of my lower extremities and a consult for a spinal cord stimulator.

When I talk to them I will let them know we are getting there but I need some day time pain relief for the neck/back/joint pain that the Soma doesn't cover. Hopefully it will only be temporary if the SCS is a success I am hoping I can (maybe) eliminate the need for pain medication.

While I am sleeping better and longer of course with fibro I still don't feel well rested when I get up and I still have the morning stiffness. I do however feel that we are finally on the right road to getting my pain under control so I can be the best me that I can be.

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