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    Need help understanding different pain
    Kimmber12008 posted:
    I was diagnosed with FM 2 years ago but, probably have had it longer. I need help determining if some of the new pain I'm experiencing is in fact part of FM. i woke up approximately 2 weeks ago with severe chill and aches like the flu. I went doc and tested for flu... no flu. The following day my left leg was tight and had no stretch to it. So painful I could not stand on it . To dangle it was intollerable. I went to a massage therypist, that helped. Still having this pain though but tolerable. Totally frustrated at this point. Once one thing goes away another starts up. Help and inspiration much needed.
    unhappybeoch responded:
    Hi Kim,
    I get the odd pains and mussel spasm. Every time I tell the doctor about them. He says it's the FM. I have meds for the pain and mussel relaxers, because the pains are bad. And yes it seems like when one thing goes away, some thing else acts up. But I also have DDD (degenerative disc desease) also. One thing my doctor did tell me arthritist is part of the FM. Maybe you can have your doctor look into that. I know when my hip acts up, my whole leg bugs me. And my doctor says it's part of the Fibro.
    I know this ain't much help. But I know how you feel. I'm kinda confused about what Fibro causes. To me it's like one thing after another acts up on me.
    Sorry about the spelling, never was good in that class.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Kimmber....welcome to our FM world...MiMi in NC...which I first got sick....I woke up and thought that I was also getting the flu...and it never went away.

    I also had multiple health issues...and I will also say this much....that each and every health issue had to get addressed before I started to took a very long time also for this to happen since my doctor thought I was *just depressed* and he continued to give me prescriptions that he thought might help....well...nothing helped and in fact, I got even worse, as time passed.

    I finally took charge and decided to do my own research...(the internet is great for this)...and I thought that I had *parathyroid issues* as well as other health issues....I refused to believe that I was just depressed...(still do not know that I was or have been depressed)...I did know though that I was sick and getting sicker...and nothing was helping me. Everything I tried did nothing to actually help me *feel better*...

    I went in a couple of times and spoke to the doctor about what I thought...he disagreed every time I brough the subject up....and he did not like that I thought I knew what was going on with me. (most of us do though, regardless of what doctors think)...

    So I finally told the doctor that I wanted to have a scan done which would hopefully let me know whether or not I had parathyroid make a long story short..I ended up having to be sent to a surgeon to *discuss parathyroid problems*....the surgeon was yet another *story* he was not even sure about it either...(he thought that my pain was due to low, very low Vitamin D)..but I will say this that I ended up needing parathyroid surgery after the surgeon decided to do an ultrasound on me.

    So this indeed improved how I felt but I was still not well...I ended up having cervical (neck) surgery, elbow surgery and in all I have had 7 hand surgeries. Yes...I have been through a lot.

    Now, I take vitamins and supplements and have been able to *control my FM pain* with them and do other things as well.

    Dealing with FM is not an easy task...and I think it is as hard for us as it is for doctors....we are all different...any time you have *new* pain not assume that it is just FM...since it might be something else. I normally try to *watch my pain for a day or two and IF it gets worse, then I go to the doctor about it*...

    I have learned how to *figure out my body* and now I know when there is something not quite right. I am sure you will also do this as well.

    Anything and everything is a process though with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...again...there is nothing easy about it.

    Take care and good luck.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    BetteK responded:
    Kim, you may not know where you'll hurt when you get up tomorrow, but you know for darn sure you will hurt. It makes perfect sense. (No pun intended.)

    Your neurological system is going haywire. All the chemicals that are supposed to trigger multiple signal types are out of balance. Instead of having a healthy mix of allerting and calming neurotransmitters, you have an overabundance of the ones that send out pain signals.

    Of course, the wrong chemicals sending the wrong signals can also send those signals to the wrong parts of the body. You rolled over in bed and your right knee landed on your left calf. Next morning your calf is screaming bloody murder. This is a totally inappropriate response to something very minor that you slept right through. And so it goes. Baby that leg, elevate it whenever possible. Take warm baths twice a day if possible. And be very happy when the leg pain goes away or at least calms down.

    In the past 41 years I've had:

    daily migranes for a year until I had lasek and threw my glasses away

    irritable bowel tht kept me housebound for 6 months at a time
    (4 separate 6 month bouts)

    incessant back pain--although I have had a total of 4 separate days without pain in 41 years

    painful menstrual cramps with heavy bleeding corrected by a hysterectomy at 35

    stress urinary incontinence corrected by a bladder neck sling

    tarsal tunnel syndrome

    an electronic nerve stimulator implanted (the temporary one removed my back pain, but the permanent one is a dud)

    And the list goes on.

    But during this same time period, I raised my sons, started college and earned 3 degrees, had an extremely rewarding teaching career, and recently celebrated 45 years with my husband.

    It's a mixed bag. There will be days when you truly cannot do anything, but there will be other days when you can truly enjoy your life.

    Go for it, Kim.

    Kimmber12008 replied to dollbug's response:
    Thanks so much for response. I too have multiple health issues. I'm usually a very positive person, but lately been thinking I'm never going to be able to get any kind of life back.
    I love painting and sewing and haven't felt like doing either. I feel aweful. I want to be that person who could whip out an outfit in a day.
    I really liked what you called it the WRATH OF THE DRAGON really says it all doesn't it.
    I know it will either get better or it won't here is to hoping for the former.
    Again thanks,

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