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    TGIF*****Roll Call ****New members too ***2/1/2013***
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF*****and today is the first day of February and it is COLD...mother nature has been teasing us off and on recently with nice springlike weather....but today it is COLD...and it is going to get even colder****in the teens.

    MiMi in NC...and I woke up too darn early this morning again...around 3 am or so...I was not a happy camper...but I was able to finally go back to sleep for a while...and then the furbabies woke me up to go out...I was still not feeling good at all. Yesterday was not a good I went out to get the mail and the recycling bin had been turned over by the wind and it was scattered all over the yard....each time the wind picked up the pieces and went I had to pick all of these pieces up.

    Well...I ended up with a sore throat and a bad cough again. I hate being sick. I am sure I had no business outside picking up things...but I did not want to have to wait until DH came home and he would have had to walk even it would have traveled a very long way by that time.

    When I finally woke up I was coughing I think I had have a relapse to what I had before...I sure hope it does not take me as long as it did the first time.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest...and I hope today will be a good day for us all.

    We were forced to get a new TV...decided to get the *smart* one...did some research on these and ended up with a samsung...I find it interesting that different places can sell the same product for different amounts...perhaps it is the *profit margin* of what the businesses think they have to get. I have no idea. We had a samsung which we had problems with. So I guess this will be their final chance IF we have problems with it. I did purchase additional coverage, just in case. 3 years.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group recently...I am sure that soon each of you will find the right combination of *tools* that will help you cope better.

    Every Friday we have TGIF ***Roll Call*...and hope that everyone will check in on Friday and update the FMily on whatever you care to share....or just pop in to say hello.

    Vitamin D...I again want to remind everyone to be sure and speak to your doctor to check your Vitamin D level. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well. The best part is that it is a cheap fix....but it can take a while to get it back to a normal range-where it should be.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this first day in February. Have a good day.

    Remember to hug your children and grand children.....and stay warm.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Morning MiMi and FMily. And I hope this 1ST of Februry will be a good one for each and everyone of you.

    MiMi, I am so sorry you are sick again. I hope that you will feel better quickly!! Sorry too that you were up too early today.

    Your new TV sounds nice. I hope your TV is trouble free and that you get many, many years of enjoyment from it. DH and I are going to replace our TV sometime this spring and are doing the research on which ones are the best.

    I woke up to snow on the ground, feels like 4 degrees and a migraine. I took my migraine med and feel somewhat better and that's good cause I have errands to run and am not looking forward to being out in the cold with a headache.

    The schools here are open cause the roads are good. The city put brine on them yestereday. I've got about 2 hours of errands to do so right now it's just a matter of getting up and going out the door. They are calling for snow again tonight and into tomorrow, more than we got last night, which was a bit more than a dusting. UGH, but more cold temps.

    DH and I were surprised yesterday to see Dafodidls popping up everywhere along the sides of the road and in yards. Do they know something about a warm up and early spring? I sure hope so. Yea Dafodidls!!

    Okay, just wanted to check in. Hope everyone has a good day, one that has few to no fibro related issues or pain.

    Gentle hugs, everyone. Linda R
    teelady1 responded:
    Happy Friday, Mimi, LindaR and all to follow!

    It's a frigid Friday - and my joints are NOT liking the weather! We had below zero temps last night with -20 windchill! Brrrr! It's a sunny 4 degrees right now - but feels like -13 with the wind.

    Very poor sleep last night due to a painful hip and knee. I am really dragging today. I am so glad I have no plans for this evening and the weekend except for church on Sunday. So after work today, I can take myself home to my warm house and relax and try to get some good sleep tonight.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday with no or less pain - and good sleep tonight!
    katmandulou responded:
    Thank god it's Friday, indeed!

    It's cold again, 31? right now. Glad I didn't have to be anywhere this morning. It looks like they say we'll be in the cold thru next week, low to mid 30s. Ick! The snowdrops are up in the yard, they usually don't come up til February.

    I took a new pill last night, some sort of muscle relaxer that was supposed to help me sleep. I cut back on the elavil to see what would happen. 6 am this morning, and I'm wide awake - THAT's what happened! I stayed in bed til 10 anyway - so there!

    Everything feels like it's just too much for me to deal with these days. No work. Wobbly yoga classes, finding my physical balance. Dark, sad thoughts make me feel mentally wobbly. The cold makes me feel icky. My savings will be gone by July. I'm feel like I need a Clarence - remember "It's a Wonderful Life"? What do we need to find the blessings in life?

    I'm sorry to be a bummer, but I'm so tired and can't find the joy this week. MAybe I'll find something good over the weekend. I wish you all the best weekend you can possibly have,
    annaitalia replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hi! I'm new! Its -30 below windchill here in MN!! PAIN is HIGH
    in the midwest!! This time of year bites for me! Seriously con-
    sidering moving down south! But my adult kids and my parents
    would have to come with me! HAHA!! OH, and the grandkids too!! Plus the depression with it is really making it hard.....
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!
    God bless you all!!! <3
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Good afternoon all... TGIF.. And monday please hurry.. I will post so I don't bore those who don't want to listen to my rants... I am a serious mess... And oh am I seriously flaring with the stress.... FM and Parkinson's and MS really love stress...

    I have aa new keyboard and I am not jumping around as much and sending messages prematurely lol... I had a feeling it was a malfunction in my laptop keyboard... I am now enjoying not having to pound on every other key lol... but I still make horrendous mistakes jerking around lol... I actually have my laptop hooked up to my big screen TV and am typing from my bed...

    I need to get off here My new phone has arrived and needs set up... I was going to get an iphone 5 but decided to get a windows 8x.. It actually has ring programs for the deaf... I am dieing to test it out... I am waiting to activate it and need to set it up... I got 2 for one so I got one for me and one for my son..

    I will also post later... Lots going on.. and need prayer to make it thru these flares... Not doing well...

    Take care all... Love... Jan/Dakota
    mnjeepguy responded:
    It sounds as though everyone is dealing with colder weather right now. We had -22 last night with wind chill factor of -38. It was a cold drive home from work. Being oly 2 miles away, the Jeep barely warmed before I got home. On the plus side, 10 degrees warmer tonight, then warmer yet after that.

    Mimi, to reply to your questions yesterday, I have some MaxFreez roll on pain reliever wich helped, I used a heating pad too. They suggest you switch between ice and heat but there was no way I was icing it. I think that would make me tence up. I tale Omega's in pill form daily. I try to do whatever I can at home saving meds for last. My back is slightly better today.

    I slept longer but woke several times. What usually occurs with night shifts for me is that I adjust by the time they are done, then have to get back to a day scedule.

    I hope you all have a great day. Take care everyone.

    fibroinsd responded:
    Afternoon all..sorry you all are dealing with the cold weather...yikes..-30 and glad I cannot even imagine what that would be like..

    I have had a pretty good week...although I am glad it is Friday..the weather hasn't been bad here...actually warm enough to sit outside for hang in there..I am sure this will move east soon !

    Mimi..sure hope you feel better..We have a Samsung TV..and "knock on wood" it has been good..but it isn't a smart tv..just a tv. I am sure these things must be changing constantly..

    Linda..I saw it was cold back there..I am sure my DH is glad not to be there !

    Lou..I hope that new pill is sorry you are having a bad time right now...I can tell you it is awful when so many things seem to go wrong all at once..I have been taking a muscle relaxant lately..and it does help..not a cure..but I know things are a little better..

    Well, I am looking into getting an add on certificate for special ed added to my seems like it is doable..and would be a good thing to do..would take me a year..

    Still no jobs here for DH or son..keeping fingers crossed and prayers said that something comes up soon..

    my DS up north seems to be doing much better..I am keeping up the prayes for him too..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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