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    missshortyd posted:
    Morning fmily
    As I have stated many times I don't post often but I do read several times a day. On many of the communities they have already started getting tons of spam so without Caprice and others I guess there is no way to stop it so I guess our fmily is next,

    Linda : (
    booch007 responded:
    Well we can report it and see what happens and then FLAG IT AS SPAM by the FMILY here so no one bothers to read it! Too bad we don't have color keys to GO RED!

    Change is never liked, but it is inevitable.............Nancy B
    katmandulou responded:
    We were hit last week by someone trying to sell a book, claiming it "cures" FM. Nancy's right - we have to look out for each other!
    missshortyd replied to katmandulou's response:
    When you report it the message says the moderators will check. No moderators so who's checking ?

    dollbug replied to missshortyd's response:
    Hello Linda...I am sure that there is a skeleton crew lurking wherever this site is maintained...or at their home station or whatever they refer to it as.

    Companies want to make as much *profit* as they can and I am sure that this is why the decision was made.

    Just look at how many *communities* there are here and all of the moderators and *guests* that were aboard. So the investors now will be reaping all of the $....interesting way to do business. This is how it is everywhere....everyone wants to most for the least amount of expense. It is the American way....I think this is how AMERICA got into such a mess. (my opinion).

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    Anon_408 responded:
    If you click on the "report this" button, on the post, it has a form to fill out, check the box that is most fitting to your complaint, and a place to write in a few words. It does not say a moderator will get to it, it's going to WebMD I believe.
    rosielou replied to missshortyd's response:
    Hi Linda,

    I (and probably others) reported the spammer last week, asking them to remove the postings and the user. Then I sent a general warning message to the group.

    All but one of the spammer's messages were removed by the end of the next day, and the last one is gone now. I'd say that WebMD had a good response to the request, so there are good people still helping out behind the scenes.

    We're not being overruns by spammers so far, so maybe let's just be happy with our good luck and keep moving forward.
    rosielou replied to rosielou's response:
    The Welcome Board is covered with spam, but does anyone know which other boards are getting hit?

    I've been going out and jumping around different boards to see what's going on, but honestly haven't seen much spam. Now that's not the most scientific method so maybe I'm missing it.

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