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healthful benefits of molasses???
fibroinsd posted:
So, something came up in conversation this week about molasses and it got me to wondering what the benefits of molasses are. I don't remember anyone drinking molasses for naturally, I googled it.

and it says stuff like helps chronic fatigue, arthritis..etc..and I figured it would be great to try it..but I somehow can't get myself to try it..It just doesn't sound good..

any thoughts ..ideas

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dollbug responded:
Hello cece....I have been on the honey and cinn kick now for a couple of weeks...I make a hot drink in the morning and I also put it on my oatmeal....

I never had a taste for molasses though....never did like it...I guess I have doubts about anything which says it is a *cure* for I think we all know that a cure for most of the health issues is not likely.

I hope things get better for know being a caregiver is really a very stressful job. I hope you will take time to take care of you...which you know is important.

I think that when spring arrives perhaps we will all feel least I am hoping it will help.

It seems like it is just one big cycle of things to deal with. I know though that it could indeed be so much worse. I have to remind my older son of this all the he worries about his daughter and her well being.

Take care and I hope you will feel better soon.


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fibroinsd replied to dollbug's response:
thanks Mimi...yes, I agree on the cinn. and honey tastes good...and I can't bring myself to try the molasses..but I guess I should..although I should tell you...the reason the conversation got started on molasses is that my oldest son was told that it was used as a rust remover on automobiles..and he was wondering about we got out our jar of molasses to try it..No word on the success of that yet. ! Can you imagine drinking something that can take out rust??? LOL !

yea..and the caregiver thing is only one of many problems I am facing ...mostly now are financial...just lots more money going out than in.. not a good plan...

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
georgia888 responded:
Hello fibroinsd,
I'm a vegetarian & rely on other sources of foods for iron including unsulphured blackstrap molasses. I never cared for molasses but knowing the nutritional benefits (iron, calcium, potassium & magnesium), I came up with a great way to tolerate it. I add it to unsweetened Almond Milk (a highly recommened food by Dr. Oz) & the taste of the molasses is really disguised.

Hope this helps.


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