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Hair coloring
franr posted:
Dear Friends
Well after seeing the pscy MD on friday and being put on remeron 15mg My appetite has picked up and and I am sleeping better and the pain is diminished. I cannot believe it. But I am still not out of the woods now I have night sweats and a bit groggy in am.But it is a start.I still am having trouble swallowing pills and I am seeing an ENT on thurs.hopefully I can get more answers. My question tonite has anyone had trouble coloring their hair.Any trouble with the hair dye . I am long overdue. But I seem to have sensitivities toi chemical smells and perfumes and I donot want to chance it. Please advise.
xperky responded:
Hi Fran. Good news with the new med!

I'm 53 and have been coloring my hair a few years. This year I've felt so bad with FM and RA I've decided to stop coloring. My head was sensitive to getting itchier after coloring; and who knows if the unnatural chemicals were adding to my autoimmune disease? My darker roots were showing, so I used a matching demi-permanent color for the last time. It's such a relief not to have to do it any more! I'm sure I'm growing greys, but on methotrexate, I'm happy to grow hair of any color!

If you decide to keep coloring, be sure to put on the draw fan and open a window a crack to have fresh air. It helped me.
With Compassion,
booch007 responded:
Hey Fran,

Go to a beuty suppy place in your area and TALK with the staff. They have products not so bothersome....I love my store they have been great in guiding me what to do.

I have a professional do a frosting (foil) and they don't go to the scalp area ..only in the much less issue. But they also changed product for me.

So I know things can be done. They will also be cheaper if you are doing it yourself. Mine has a swipe club card too so i get deals with my purchases... GO PRO it may really work so well.

And Congratulations on the med find. Always glad to hear good news here!.

Take care, Nancy B

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