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dodie1011963 posted:
It's been 18 years since I woke up with ankle pain. That's how my FM started. I went to the doctor and every checked out okay. Two weeks later I couldn't get out of bed. I had to give up a job I loved. I tried three times to return to work. No one understood and even knew what FM was then. I had never heard of it before.
My FM seems to be mostly in my legs and feet. I was in a very bad car accident a few years before 1995 in which my Mom lost her life and I fell on the ice in 1994 and tore up my shoulder. Usually an accident or trauma proceeds FM. I remember when I was a teenager I had leg pain. My Mom took me to the doctor and he said it was growing pains. I wonder now. I wonder if that was the first sign of FM. It's been 18 long years of suffering. I guess I'm writing this b/c every January I remember when my FM first started and I remember what I've lost.
I recently started taking Cymbalta which does help with the leg pain. Has anyone else tried Cymbalta? I was wondering what they think of it. I also take morphine sustained release (since 1999). I can't believe it's been 18 years. I guess the human body can withstand a lot. I pray they find a cure for this awful illness in my life time. I'm sure you wonder like I do "what is it like to have no pain?". Doctors have said I have FM, chronic pain syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. Do you feel worn out sometimes like I do? I'm so tired. I feel so worn out sometimes. I hate this anniversary......when I remember the first day I woke up FM. Thank you for letting me vent. God Bless.
booch007 responded:
Goo dmorning,

Welcome to the Fmily. I too woke with something, but it was my hands. My hands were buring..and I dreamt the house was on fire and I was opening a buring window to jump out.......

It has been an evolving process ever since. The only trauma I have that finished me off was lifting a patient in the hospital, I thought I tore the muscle in my neck.....CRIPES it was bad.

I have developed trigger point syndrome in this (a cousin to FM) we are intertwined and close in symptoms.

I have dropped that memory of the old me and moved forward. I hung on to that and the what if's for so long. You can't live in that world......I lost so much (including health insurance for life as my union benefit!!) I just know I am EXACTLY where God wants me now. Pain an all.

I use my empathy for so many, so many with life threatening things now. I have pain and movement dysfunction but they* are it helps me with perspective.

Please look in resources for our toolbox. The members toolbox may help with a trick someone has used to fix a problem. Switching your thinking process though is time sensative. Some never get to switch to thinking in today and not yesterday. I have always said that " I am draggin the dragon aorund with me" but now I more like "dancing with my dragon"...

Attitude is altitude for sure.

Don't let me kid you I get low and morn at times but i don't let it in too often. Planning and pacing is a valuable commodity to have. But there are times crap happens and you are in the moment and you have to do what is there.

I am sorry you too lost your job, I changed jobs to a lesser physical load (well i thought less) alot has changed since I am there. But I look at the day as exercise and use it for MY benefit. I would be no good if i was home.....I would be worse as I know I would go with the body more then using the distraction I am in to move more and use the muscles.

I just medicate with my muscle relaxant and tramadol.

I wish you well, and good that you found us, as no one will understand you like us. Take care, Nancy B

P.S: We talk about opiates often, please be careful with that is amazing you have used this for so long. Congratulations if you have not needed to keep upping your dose. (n.b)

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