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I Think I Am NO I AM Coming Out Of It
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
Thank God... And a lot of I guess doing things right... I am feeling like my FM flare is slowing down... And I am not doing the Parkinson's Dance to the point of throwing things lol... I feel stronger... I don't feel like I immediately need to go back to bed... My pain killers took my pain level down to tolerable... Colitis symptoms look like they are easing off too... Now if I can get my appetite back and eat again... We will know about the nausea and digestion lol...

Too much to handle... There was always the structure pain... And laughingly I still want to be a castle If there is "structure" pain... but this time with a mote to pull up the draw bridge when all that nasty stress shows it's ugly face... lol... But oh well... Can't have it all... No mote lol...

You have to be in my weird mind to get the castle joke I suppose... Just ignore it... I just didn't like being called a structure lol...

Well... I have been out of bed and up for a little over 3 hours... I am not going to push it... Been trying to spend some time with my son... And read a bit here... So pacing tells me it is time to rest now...

You all take care... Bless you with a glowing day today...

Love... Jan/Dakota
katmandulou responded:
Glad to hear you're on the way back. Take it easy, pace yourself.
See you later,
BetteK responded:

It's great that you are doing better. Hooray!

Now grab some paper and start a notebook. Record what you did, what you ate or dosed with to get out of the flare. While you're at it, try to remember what was going on right before the flare.

All of this can help you next time. It can help shorten a flare. It may even prevent one. (When things just start to go south, I take my muscle relaxant. If I can take it in the first few minutes, sometimes it stops a full-blown flare.)

This is important for anyone who does not want to spend all her days horizontally. Now that you've had a really bad flare, you know what I mean. When the only time you leave the house is to visit the doc every 3 weeks, you're in a bad flare.

Here's to the end of bad flares!


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