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    40 years of experience
    BetteK posted:
    My fibro started late in my second pregnancy with low back pain. My "baby" will be 41 in March. Everything that might help has intolerable side effects. Everything my body tolerates doesn't work. I've been on 150 mcg/hr of Duragesic patches. (The starting dose is 12 mcg/hr.)
    I've been on oxycontin. I've tried all the "fibro" drugs. Nothing works.

    What does work is streamlining your life, doing what exercise you can, watching your diet, and being willing to try whatever is in your doc's bag of tricks. I have never refused to try a med any responsible MD suggested, and I never will.

    In 40 years, I have learned to make my life better for me and my family with the help of some very good people--and a few duds too. I hope I can be a resource. 40 years of pain and fatigue had darn well better be put to some good use.

    Towards better days,

    dollbug responded:
    Hello BetteK....MiMi in NC...I, too, have had issues with low back pain....when it first started I thought it was kidney stones....I have stones in both kidneys but a kidney specialist told me he did not think the stones were causing the pain....I have used a heating pad now for a long time off and on every day...I have increased my Omegas and I think both of these things have helped me a lot.

    The pain is NOT as intense as it was when it I have seen improvement with taking any medicine for this. I also use the Stopain Spray as well...this is good stuff also, in case you have not tried it.

    I do not take any medicines right now at all....all just vitamins and supplements and other things as well.
    I have found that anything and everything to do with my FM pain is a process.

    Take care and good luck.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Hi Bettek... I am working on a little over 30 yrs of pain and unknown reasons for pain and back pain... They pegged the FM just a few yrs ago... I think 4 or 5 now... too foggy to remember this morning... It was however after my daughter's premature birth in which both of us almost died from me hemoraging and a difficult pregnancy that the all over body pain started...

    I was sickly a lot most of my life... growing pains... when I stopped growing it was sympathy pains in which I just wanted pity... What for I didn't know what... I guess being sick for no reason... Then I became a cancer survivor for the first time at 18... and it traveled thru my body 6 times after that... Each time my all over body pain getting worse... Now being an after effect from the kemo and radiation...

    It just never went away... Feeling as if I had a major case of the flu every day... with nasty chronic pain... I was told by the Mayo Clinic they would fins out what was wrong with me in 50 yrs and cure it in another 50... I wasn't too positive or easy to live with back then...

    I remember them trying meds after meds... To no avail... Nothing helped as much as it "should have"... Today I have several diagnosis' and I think they must have hit it on the head for the most part for even tho I am not pain free with my meds and treatment I am tolerable... for the most part...

    I agree that what works is steaming your life, doing what exercise you can, diet, and doing what your Dr... or team of
    Dr's... in my case... say to do... My Dr's enjoy their complicated case in me which they all look for a success story for... I won't be cured but I will be better... Or better dealing with my illnesses... It isn't getting rid of the pain or illness that is the subject anymore... It is living life with them...

    In 30 years I too have learned to make things better in my life... I may not have been able to do everything for and with my children that I wanted to but I have 3 very devoted children who bonded well with picnics in bed... built snowmen out of baby bathtubs full of snow brought in from outside... movies on TV and not at the theater... Having kids over instead of going to their house for I couldn't get out to meet the neighbors... Cuddling instead of playing... Playing when we could... Understanding when we couldn't... They were raised with a sick Mom and are bonded well with me and are even my caregivers already...

    And they think they are paying me back for something.... Being raised by a Mom who was sick all the time... Who put her bed in the living room or dining room to always be with them... A Mom who played Atari with them and had just as much attitude as they did lol... The neighborhood Mom who was always there for their friends too... Even being a safe house for runaway teens most being friends...

    Cancelled birthday parties were OK for they usually cancelled them after I over spent myself doing too much preparing for them... Luckily I usually had friends that stepped in then...

    Lots of stupid little things that they think they need to pay back now... They called Love... So they take care of me... And I dare never say that "burden" word in expressing myself...

    Well... I need to hush... I have things to do... Crazily enough I might get some done if I pace them lol... Most of it is using my brain tho and that may take a miracle as foggy as it is... It tends to drift lol... Like you don't already know that...

    Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota

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