I think I've had a break through...
creedus posted:
The one pill I didn't want to take because I've seen what it does to a person actually helps me. I have nerve pain that causes my not being able to walk some days. Also today the doctor finally said I have arthritis but I don't quite know which one, still have to see a rheumatologist for that. I'm on a strange cocktail that kinds of worries me.

Topamax~~for migraines
Neurontin~~for nerve pain in my hip
Flexeril~~for my muscle spasms
Phenergen~~for the nausea of my migraines and the neurontin
Lisinopril~~blood pressure
Diclofenac~~inflammation ( it mostly causes me to sweat like i'm in a sauna)

So at least I'm closer to knowing what's the next directions with my life.
booch007 responded:
So glad a good mix was found for you. If I took that I would not have an eyelid open at all....

Neurontin knocks me out and add phenergan...WOW, flexeril knocks alot out (not me) but in that mix, I would sleep soundly for sure!.

I also added diclofenac at times to cover any arthric/ inflammatory issues and it has helped me at times....but it makes me so nauseas..I MUST take it with good food. Then OK.

So, again...glad you found a good mix for yourself. . So valuable.........Take care, Nancy B