My situation different (alittle ) I don't have all the symptoms of Fib , a few , I do
justpicky1 posted:
Everything on my left side of body ..I hear 2 sounds ( hissing / roaring
sounds . Patch of my face it's wrinkled and looks different than the right side of face, even on the left side of face tingling . My left side of arm is in pain , and my left leg ( knee and I have a rod in my left knee ) . I have IBS , and sometimes I have tingling in my left leg . I know I have
stress , saddest , orthritis throughout my body , I need to found out what is exactly wrong and my doctor can't figure the reasons .
As I said above some of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia I do have .
I feel I'm falling apart and I have no one to who will listen to me . All I'm trying to do is fine out what's wrong .
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
Hi Hun... I just wrote you a personal post... Look for your name in the subject bar... I thought of copying and pasting it here but sometimes that creates havoc for me lol... My laptop has a mind of her own lol... And sometimes she just loves to irritate me lol...
You don't have to have every symptom... So many out of 18 pressure points... I think it is 11 but don't quote me... Have you ever been checked to see if you have had a stroke... I had one and your face symptoms happened to me then... But then again my FM flares with my myofacial thing on top of it... It happens all over again... My face droops and hurts all over it... I stutter worse then my Parkinson's Disease makes me... And my jaw doesn't want to move... It is like I have locked jaw...

Hey you may get ;lucky maybe it will be something with a cure and it will magically go away... Find that Dr who will dig deep enough for a diagnosis... And feel better... Come back and vent anytime... We look forward to hearing from you...

Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota