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is this fibromylgia
marty500 posted:
have been told i have a little high ana its alwys a little high but it will go up and down i have been told i have fibromyalgia,but i am going crazy because i always have so much pain its hard to walk im never pain free i have headaches every day my arms and hands hurt so bad but i also have very strange symptoms i feel disoiented at time upset
stomach dizzy cant sleep i start to fall asleep and i wake up panic like i i cant breath but i can i feel im gonna die every day always tired i have vision problems a knot in my throat most of the tim im never happy all ways i also have sore throat often muscle spasem sometimes i get
the runs then the other get the shakes real bad just like i was having a suger low i have so many issues i just want to know is this fibro or just wahat they
tell you when they dont know whats wrong with you or think its all in your head

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