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Finger Pain
debrabrooks1960 posted:
Good evening to all!

I was just wondering if anyone has extreme pain in their fingers. The last few weeks my knuckles in my right hand have a shooting sharp pain (kinda like a lit cigerette being held to the knuckle). The pain is so sharp that tears comes to my eyes. I try rubbing the pain away but it will only get worse. I find myself actually blowing on it like I was burned. And now my fingers of my right hand are going stiff. I know I have gout and arthritis. I have never experienced pain like this. It is hard to type. All I do at work is type. I have even tried wearing arthritis gloves but I am not getting any help. Stoppain roll on helps a little, but not much. I have Gout in my feet and I know it can effect the fingers. I was just wondering if it is the Gout or FM.

Thanks for all your help.

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BetteK responded:

Often, pain in smaller joints like those in the hand is caused by RA. If that is your problem, you really need to have it checked out. RA is a debilitating, progressive immune disease. Left untreated, it can do nasty things to your hands and many other parts of your body.

If you rule out RA and are left with fibromyalgia pain, ask your doc about Voltaren Gel. It does a great job getting medication right where you need it. When my hands, wrists, and/or knees hurt I rub the Voltaren in at night, and by morning the pain is usually gone.

Hope this helps.

Towards better days,

booch007 responded:
Good morning Debbie,

I would say get to the doc and get your level checked for the gout (uric acid) and ask him about an anti-inflamatory to use and see if it works. get a sedementation rate also.

I started all this with hands and fingers burning....but mine was due to muscle entrapment of nerves to the arms and hands...I use truggerpoint injections to settle them in.

So for me, I would first see the doc and get the other things ruled out. We do tend to blame the FM dragon for everything that happens to us, but in actuality there are so many other things that can give us our symptoms. Bounce it iff the doc...

Good luck, I hope you feel better.

(as a note, yesterday my shoulders and arms hurt so bad...I dreamt that a doc in the office was giving me tetnus shots over and over and telling me "IT OK NAN" (he is Korean)......Just goes to show you how painful my mornings can be and how crazy our heads are to explain it)

Nancy B
sssfletcher responded:
Hi DebraBrooks! I will say that I have regular pain in my hands and have just about been tested for everything...with negative results. There are mornings that I wake up and I can barely even close my fingers and make a fist....the pain is so bad. It does always seem to get better as the day goes on. It's so hard to's as if every joint is locked in place and the muscles have contracted into tiny unstretchable pieces of rubber! lol!!!

I really hope that you find some relief in all of this!

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