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pain management clincs
slorob posted:
live in ca and just after heath ledger,Anna Nicole smith & Micheal Jackson killed themselves with pills governor Gerry brown wrote up some kinda bill against pain medications and how their supposed to be dispensed .
well it is my opinion that just because 3 people chose to kill themselves the rest of us should not have to suffer is their any kind of patients rights advocacy cause we as a society shouldn't have to suffer that's why we have doctors and that's why we pay them outrageous fees as well as our insurance premiums wee the people need to start some kind of patients rights group against their practices against us ,their isnt supposed to be human suffering when you have multiple mri's,9 pain shot procedures and pending back surgery's we need to start a coalition against unfair treatment,getting kicked out and going cold turkey or whatever reasons this is crap and should be illegal the next time i see my other newbie pain doc i might just beat him within an inch of his life an d show him what its like to suffer
booch007 responded:
Well, OK...feel better that you got that out?

There are many abusive physicians out there and they make it worse for those in trouble. I have never heard of pain management in trouble with the is usually some small little guy pushing pills to the side so he can make extra money.

A large facility pain clinic would be a great place to settle.

I have to agree with you that back pain is the worst. It is mind altering and "back breaking" I feel for you. Our generalized pain, though tough to work with is nothing compaired to the back pain i have had a few times. CRAP. I hope your surgery is soon and you get into a better place.

This board is great for a place to rant and yell at thesystem and those who also have fought that battle can hug you and say they understand. NO ONE knows pain like we do.

I hope this note finds you a bit better today......

Nancy B

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