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Your personal side effects with Haloperidol?
An_250529 posted:
If you can tell me if you used Haldol (Haloperidol) and what side effects you had, it would be very helpful.

i don't know if I can post complete youtube links, but if you go to a youtube video and then replace the watch?v= portion with the either of these two, these videos might be helpful.


BetteK responded:

An, I never was on Haldol or Haloperidol, but my 19 year old son was. He got severe Tarditive Dyskinesia. That means that he could not hold a spoon and had to be fed, he could not hold a pair of pants and had to be dressed, he could not hold on to soap or washcloth and had to be washed. Guess what he could not hold onto and needed to be assisted in the bathroom?

When these drugs work they are a lifesaver for those with mental illness. Unfortunately they often carry intolerable side effects--some of them irreversible. My son was lucky, his TD lessened to just a slight tremor.

These antipsychotic drugs can save lives. They can also ruin lives. Be sure they are begun very slowly and under close 24/7 supervision. With this medical supervision it is possible to gauge who is being helped by the med and should be slowly titrated to a medicinal dosage. This same ultra careful monitoring can observe early side effects and stop the drug before long term damage is done.

Again, they are wonderful for some. They are awful for others. If you go slowly, you can safely discover which it will be.

It's a voyage of discovery.


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