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New Med Grailse
franr posted:
Hi All
Feeling better but still anixous and still being worked up.I went to pain management MD yesterday for first time and the MD was very sympathic and wants me to go on a pill called grailse which is a derivated of neurotin . I have been on 300mg of neurotin foir years,He said this is a long acting pill made from neurotin. My insurance won't pay and it is 100.00 for 30 pills. I don't mind paying but I am unsure. Has anyone had any experience with this drug. Fran
fibroinsd responded:
Sorry, I don't know anything about this...just didn't want to ignore your post..I hope someone comes on soon with some info.
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
BetteK responded:
Fran, the drug companies are pushing their new, and possibly improved, versions of old drugs because once the old ones go off patent other companies can market generics. I was on Grailise and didn't notice any difference from regular neurontin.

Did you know that the normal neurontin dosage is 2, 300 mg capsules 3 X a day. That's 1800 mg each day. It's a pain, but a heck of a lot cheaper than Grailise.

Hope this helps.

booch007 responded:
I am with Bette...if you have maxed your neurontin and need help then go for a try. But newer doesn't give you anything then a bigger bill.

I say stay with what is working and is within the pocket books ability. Even giving you samples won't be forever and there is no need to switch.

Good luck....Nancy B

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