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Too tired to eat?
jennagale76 posted:
Have any of you had the issue of being too tired to eat? Or being hungry but just not having the energy to eat? Lately my jaw (tmj) hurts so bad, I can't even stand to eat. I'm too tired to eat anything besides veggies and crackers. All I want to do is sleep. It hurts to chew. I hate this.
BetteK responded:

On a good day, get some Boost or Ensure to have on hand. In a pinch Slim Fast will do. Then, on your bad days (which we all know will come, unfortunately), you can just shake a can and pop it open. If you keep some straws on hand, you won't even have to wash a glass.

About 20 years ago, I hit a REALLY bad patch. My husband mentioned this to a neighbor who works in the hospital pharmacy. The next thing we knew, she dropped off a CASE of Boost. Hope you have friends, family, and/or neighbors who are as wonderful as mine.

Have you checked with your dentist? TMJ disorder makes your jaw hurt. The dentist can make a device to wear while you sleep. It makes it so you can't clench your teeth while you sleep and can end jaw pain if it is TMJ.

As usual, I hope some of this helps,

booch007 responded:
Love the suggestions given here. I think you should see a dentist to be sure you don't have a structure issue or a grinding of teeth issue. Use heating pads to soften the neck muscles to help.....

Another point is if you have been on boniva or any bone osteopenia med you may have jaw demineralization and be in serious but helpable trouble.

Please see a dentist.

Thank you, Nancy B
jennagale76 replied to booch007's response:
Thanks ladies. I'm going to get some Boost to keep around. Great idea. I have a night splint for my TMJ but over the years it doesn't fit like it used to. ( I do also grind). I'll tell my dentist about it when I have my cleaning.

Never taken anything like boniva, thankfully. It's just this rotton fibro and TMJ. I made some egg salad for sandwiches today, lol- pretty easy to chew.
debrabrooks1960 responded:
Dear Jennagale76,

Have you tried keeping soup in the refrigerator? I open up a couple of cans and put them in a sealed microwave container. Then when I am hungry I just pop them in the microwave for a minutes or so to get them hot. Some soups like tomatoe and cream soups can be swollowed whole. No Chewing required. I love potatoe soup the best. You can squish it with your tongue if needed. Soup will give your nourishment and warm you on these cold and wet winter days. Good luck. I will pray for you.

Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
BetteK replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
Debbie, what a great idea. Anytime I have leftovers from a meal made with anything with bones in it, I make soup. Often, it's done before the dishes are! The hardest is a turkey or chicken carcass--makes me wish the kids were still young and loved pulling the pieces of meat off, feeling for bones, saving skin for the outside dogs. 4-7 year olds are great for that. Anyway, I keep pint containers of soups, stews, spaghetti, and chilli in my fridge's freezer. No need to trek down cellar on a bad day. It's saved my posterier on many days.

Any trick in a flare.


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