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Mouth pain
ladyhawke posted:
I was diagnosed last year (took 2 yrs.) I've been able to deal with most issues except the constant pain in my mouth( burning, dry tongue) is there anyone else out there with the same problem or is it my meds?
BetteK responded:
Ladyhawke, it sounds like Sjogrens syndrome (pronounced SHOW grins). It includes dry areas in membranes that should be moist like your eyes and mouth.

Many of us have this. It comes and goes for me. Your drugstore has a line of products called Biotene in the toothpaste aisle. See if they are any help.

Towards better days,

ladyhawke replied to BetteK's response:
Thankyou BetteK, Thought I was loosing my mind with this pain and burning. I even gave up smoking (best thing I ever Did) because I thought it was the cause of the discomfort in my mouth. The burning is 24/7 and I've done the biotene routine per my dentist, but still no relief. Oh well, I guess its all part of this condition. Glad I found this site, very helpful and informative!!

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