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Rae201 posted:
Dear fellow Fibo mates,
How do you lose weight with fibro? I'm scared to death of being over weight because every time I see some one on TV or something they are always over weight and they blame it on fibromyalgia. If anyone knows any diets or ANYTHING that helped them please share

I am not a selfish person but I take my appearance very seriously. I like to look put together and not sick as much as possible. Its one thing I can control for the most part and it makes me feel better about myself, but it is challenging at times. I am 19 and very into fashion and it is so hard to get dressed and look presentable somedays I just give up because even my jeans touching my body hurts and I am habitually cold which makes it even harder to get dressed. If anyone has any tips on how to look cute but be comfortable at the same time that would be wonderful!

I'm new to this community and I am just looking for some support from people who under stand what I am going through and can give me some tips and help guide me through my journey.

Thank you!

xperky responded:
Help me too! I can't stand stiff clothing any more. Only stretchy stuff. It helps to wear tunic length tops to hide my elastic waists...eee gads.

I'm having luck losing extra pounds by putting less food on my plate. Simple, but effective trick.

How about adorning yourself with a scarf or pushmina. They are warm and turn any outfit into something new. I found pushminas for $5 recently. I also crochet and knit some accessories.

Welcome to the community, Rae.
With Compassion,
booch007 responded:
Well cece and I did Medifast and she actually did better than me. I lost 50lbs and I folded up better but the FM was still so much with me. She is holding it all off, I have returned to near my start .

Weight watchers is the best lifetime learning tool and it's a SUPPORT group there.

We have the added issue with execise to burn calories. Walking everyday and for 20-30 minutes at good pace (keeping your arms in to the body) was my best routine.

The other being the 19.99 trampoline in the house to dance on, it got my heart rate up and I love music for many reasons.

It really is calories in and calories out. OUT has to be more.
I went with that structured program so I didn't have to think about anything. In 5 weeks I lost that amount. I was also doing construction on BIG projects so I was burning calories like crazy.

My money is on WW and a walking program. Gentle , smart and a great way to learn. Smart phones will do the points for you and you are offf to a new life...

Good luck. I remember asking Dr P. Why nothing changed in my pain levels or issues and he said 1/3rd get better 1/3rd stay the same and 1/3d get worse. Now I did have heightened pain during the loss and I attributed it to detox through the muscle of fat debris and the NEW constant moving I was doing...

I was just disappointed that I didn't get releif smaller......

Maybe you will be the 1/3 that is better...Nancy B

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