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My Son and His FM NEED Help
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
I have a son with FM for sure... He has been diagnosed... Unfortionately he is the son with 2 young kids and the one that works managing a Pizza Hut and takes care of me... He has been having so much pain suddenly in his hands... He also can't pick things up or hold things long... He had carpal tunnel surgery in one and it might have made it worse... I don't know what to tell him to do...

Mine hurt but mostly from the neuropathy and carpal tunnel... And RSD when it is out of remission and hits them... And beating up keyboards and walls lol... My FM... I don't think... is much a part of it in my hands... He isn't diabetic... Was just in here and they look like 80 yr old hands... He has no insurance that will pay enough to send him to tests and a reumatologist...

I will re-read our tools but if anyone has some advice please let me know... I appreciate any help...

He ironically works with a guy that seen what his hands were doing and he asked him if he had FM... Seems he is studying FM... He was sorta helpful to my son... Now he is asking questions again... He hasn't truly accepted it and I am hoping he might now...

Anyway... Outside of the injury that we think brought about the FM... the whiplash and disc damage in his neck from an accident... He is a healthy man... The FM is taking a lot out of him recently... The flu like symptoms and fatigue and pain has him going nuts... He can't understand how I do it... I told him with the Grace of God and my family... And his strength keeps me strong... Watching him work long hours... Care for his children... Care for me... And crash when he can... Keeps me going...

He has a heart of gold... I just pray I can find something to help...

Thanks for your help... Love you all...

Love... Jan/Dakota
xperky responded:
Jan, I hoping your son might qualify for a state program with a sliding scale, or a local clinic. He really needs to be checked for possible RA, as his hands are changing the way they look. RA can become crippling if not treated early!

Until he can afford blood tests, etc., see if he is willing to try a supplement of fish oil every day, as this can reduce inflammation and therefore some of the pain, if it is not FM-related pain.

Also, some people do well by keeping a log of what they eat and how they feel. He might discover a couple food groups that aggravate his pain and fatigue.

Another common problem for many of us with FM and/or RA is low Vit D. He might try 1000 - 2000 iu D3 supplements a day and see if his pain reduces over time.

Has he tried wearing compression gloves, or a carpal tunnel wrist brace? Another option to try.

Of course I'm no substitute for a good ole doctor, but he can do a few things on his own, and hopefully see improvement.

Send him hugs from us here!
With Compassion,

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