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Arm pain
hopenco4 posted:
Hello Everyone,
I am new and have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have been reading up on some of the issues and different ways to treat pain that is associated with this illness. I started having problems about a year ago. At first I thought that the pain in my legs was due to nerve damage in my lower back. However, this pain was different then the pain I had felt in the past. Eventually, the pain from the Fibromyalgia subsided, but I began to feel a lot of pain in my upper arms. Sort of like I had lifted too heavy of weights repeatedly, and it hurt to even lift my arms up. Now, the pain is in my lower arms and elbows and it started off just as bad in both arms. The pain is not as bad in my left arm right now, but my right arm hurts from the elbow down to my wrist. I have problems turning door knobs, lifting my glass of tea up, etc. Is this normal? The pain runs along the top of my forearm and into my elbow. I haven't done anything to hurt myself. The reason I wonder if it's normal or not is because I have also had issues with the main artery in my wrist, and I unsure if the pain could be from my wrist (it doesn't seem to be radiating from there, and my wrist has never caused this type of pain before) or from the fibromyalgia. Thanks in advance to everyone.
crystalgreeneyes responded:
Hi hopenco.
Elbow pain and an inability to lift arms high or keep them up for periods of time, is very common with fibro. I have read about several people here and certainly I experience this myself. In fact, I have noticed that some medications, food additives and other components will cause my elbows to ache more than usual, although I have other pain that is much worse. Generally you may also find that fibro pain does in fact feel much like the achy soreness that occurs following a lot of exercise or work out sessions.
Although it may hurt, excercise and stretching is always helpful. Check with your dr. however, because often every pain and ache is looked upon as being linked to fibro. when it could be something else.
Take care. Hope you find help.

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