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    dakotaspirit1957 posted:
    Lack of sleep and mania and just plain over spent... Yeh that's me in a Goofy looking Backpack... LOL... I would say handbag but I truly don't like carrying one lol... A backpack is mor my style... LOL... And being I have to carry a backpack for most everything I might as well utilize it insted of a clumzy handbag...

    That was a stupid conversation... MMM... Wonder if I can improve LOL... Let's give the next paragraph another try LOL...

    I am on my second maybe third load of laundry... I don't remember... I think it is the third in the drier and second in the washer... Yeh that's it and this is the dullest conversation lol... Oh well... Let's move on...

    I am pacing... almost paced so great thru cooking I almost browned some of the waffles to almost a burn LOL... But actually only honestly burned the last batch... For some reason I always do... I just simply always burn the last batch... So nothing new there... I can't blame pacing... Just simply habit lol... LOL...

    Getting worse huh...

    I am waiting for the jerks to subside just a little more to bake the birthday cake... My meds are almost helping... Only a little more time I think...

    MMMMM.... Drier just buzzed... Shall I ignore it... Shall I not ignore it... MMMMM... Me thinks me shall... Then again I would have to un-wrinkle clothes then... RUSH!!! RUSH!!! That's just too much work for the stupid chance of ignoring a buzzer...... MMMM... Be Right Back!!!!! LOL LOL LOL.....

    Timer not ignored.... Body not totally screaming yet... Righteously it will later... MMM... Wonder if I can become on-conscious before the screaming proceeds lol... LOL...

    Darn... Kill all the fun... Company to dampen my Goofy mood... Can't be goofy they say I am 2 then... Need to be grown up... What a bummer... Perhaps I shall become Goofy and return later.... Perhaps I shall...

    For now I shall have my smiling face to greet them... My head on my shoulders... I shall act 55... Soon to be 56... and leave my adolescence behind... I shall tuck my 2 yr old here and return for her... DEAL... ??? ...

    Oh well... I shall return...

    Take care and have a great afternoon... MMM... Time for pain killers... They work so much better on a manic high... Better take an anxiety med too... Talk soon...

    Love... Jan/Dakota
    BetteK responded:

    I try to start a load of laundry the last thing at night. That way, I can throw it in the dryer in the morning and fold clothes while I'm still as close to good as it gets. I do a load a day this way.

    One thing that has helped me is separate bins for different types of laundry. They are in the bathroom, clearly labelled, and used by hubby and me. The sons complied when they were little. It sort of shamed hubby into doing this himself. I can take a quick look and see exactly what load needs to be washed tonight.

    I'm very lucky in that the washer and dryer are in our kitchen. It gets noisy sometimes, but it sure beats carrying baskets up and down cellar steps.

    Hey, Tuesday is the day of our closing! Our older son is buying the farm. One less headache. More than time for him to be the official farmer here. I won't count on hubby butting out of things, though!

    Monday is nerve block day. I get them every 3 mos. Used to be every 6 mos. (You know insurance companies.) It seems like they have a 90 day warranty. Every 3 months works much better. Maybe lifting the basket of washed clothes to the dryer won't hurt on Tuesday. Of course it will, just not as much.

    Every step saved helps.


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